Friday, February 4, 2011

Pinwheels: Nubar Marabout

Hello ladies,

On a windy day, I decided to create pinwheels for my nails. I added blue and copper embellishments to bring a sense of movement and playfulness to a classic taupe.

From design plate H10, I stamped the diamond pattern in Konad pastel blue special polish. I placed a copper gem in the center of each nail. Blue mirror diamonds were added in formation, alternating two and four per nail. These diamonds are tricky to place. They are composed of a light foil material that shifts easily. I advise adding small drops of topcoat to dry nails and adhering the diamonds. Follow with two coats of topcoat to thoroughly seal them.

I painted three coats of color for opacity, but I think two coats would suit more active length nails. The formula is superb, offering an effortless application.

I hope you enjoyed my pinwheels. A bit of whimsy for a winter day.

Marabout was sent to me for review. This shade is part of the Finest Silks Collection, available at

Design plate H10 was sent to me for consideration. Visit to browse the full line of nail art stamping materials.

Happy painting, ladies!


  1. I love those pinwheels, super cute!

    I remember when I had a rainbow coloured one when I was about 7. I loved that thing :)

  2. This combination of colors, sparkle, and design you've created is so unbelievably eye-catching to me!

    The sky blue sets off the taupe in a way I can't describe (cuz I'm not very savvy about artistic things) and I think in turn the taupe and copper make the blue of the Konad polish appear a bit deeper! And those diamond gems tie everything together and complete the look!

    Enough gushing - simply GORGEOUS!!! :)

  3. "Marabout" is absolutely gorgeous brown.

  4. I have only Chiffon from Finest Silks but Marabout looks also good...

  5. You are so clever and skilled in combining the konad and the gems and mirrors into one design. bravo

  6. woooow! since I follow you and get every posting per email, I know what wonderful nailpolishes and nailart you have, but this pinwheel-nailart is one of the most beautiful you have ever done. Seriously. It's awesome.

    the diamonds are soo pretty and to place them alternately 2 and 4 is really nice.

    I wanted to try out a skittles-mani today with 5 different colors, just for the fun of the weekend ;) but now I am thinking about glittery nailart *g* I don't have such pretty diamonds, but I have a few stamping plates and nailstickers ... hmmm :)

    We have really windy, almost stormy weather here, but with a blindingly blue sky and sunshine. As soon as I have done my blog-reading-round, I will go outside with my dog and enjoy the sun :)

  7. I love that design! Also like how the blue pops over the taupe :)

  8. This mani art has so much depth to it! I remember as a kid, I loved pinwheels. And along that same vein, I loved my kaleidoscope dearly.

    This is a very sweet look. :)

  9. thegirlwiththebow: Thanks! I am glad I could bring back happy pinwheel memories. :)

    Ruthie Girl: Thanks so much! I'm glad you enjoyed how all the elements came together.

    ThatsSOFresh: Thank you, sweetie!

    Salla: Thank you! The Finest Silks Collection offers some winning shades.

    sonidlo: Chiffon is lovely. Finest Silks really impressed me with the palette and the application. <3

    peripatetic33: Thank you! I wonder if there is a Muse of Rhinestones. :)

  10. Caitlin: Thank you! It sounds like you have a lovely time planned with a sweet manicure and bright weather. :)

    Silva: Thank you! I never thought I would get so much use out of pastel blue special polish, but it's one of my favorites to work with!

    Kimberly: Thanks! Tiny wheels of color. So fascinating. I think I am going to get a pinwheel for my garden jaunts this summer. ;)

  11. aww i love the pinwheel diamonds. so pretty. take care in the cold.

  12. At first I looked at the mani and was like 'oh that's a cool nail art design' thinking they were stickers, then I read on. You have some major skills (and patience)! :D

  13. That's very pretty! I love the brown and blue together. I wish I could wear colors like Marabout, but I have too much pink in my skin tone and they end up looking like doo doo on me.

  14. Just love the Nubar polish. The pattern is so pretty. It's been so windy and this is a perfect look for the day. Thank God the sun is out! I've been so bored with everything including painting my nails and reading blogs. I'm so behind!


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