Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Corn snake: Nubar Yellow Primrose

Hello ladies,

I adore corn snakes. I love their vibrant orange and gold coloring. Before exploring the woods and meadows, I visit the resident corn snake at the Rancocas Nature Center. I look forward to the days of warmth and sun ahead when I can greet my bright companion.

From plate H10, I stamped the snakes using Konad pastel orange special polish. I highlighted the pattern of scales using the fine brush in the Nubar 14K nail art pen from the Bejeweled Collection. I positioned the snakes at alternate angles on each hand. From a distance, it looks like a series of curving lines.

I love the expression of the snake in this design!

Pale with fine white shimmer, Yellow Primrose reminds me of a mod 1960s pastel. These almost white polishes with tints of color can be quite striking. I wish the sun were in attendance today, so I could show how skin flattering this shade is.

The application was workable, considering a yellow based pastel combines two potential formula issues in one polish. I managed to achieve opacity in three coats on long nails without first applying a whitening base. Nubar did a good job formulating Yellow Primrose.

I hope you were charmed by my corn snake manicure. I had such a great time putting this look together.

Yellow Primrose was sent to me for review. This polish is part of the Spring Garden Collection, soon to be released at

Image plate H10 was provided for my consideration. To browse the full line of nail art stamping plates, visit Would you like the opportunity to win eight nail art design plates of your choice along with a beauty gift pack? Visit the Make It Fancy Giveaway! to enter!

Happy painting, ladies!


  1. I love this!! I love snakes I wish I could have one,lol. This is truly beautiful I love the detail work.

  2. That looks fantastic! You always have such beautiful designs!

  3. I adore this manicure! The combo of colours make the pale yellow look much more rich! ;)

  4. very cool and creative, great job!

  5. I've always wanted to hold a snake. Only seen them at the zoo. This is a striking manicure. Pun intended! I like this shade of yellow also. So pretty.

  6. That says spring in a unique way. What a wonderful yellow.

  7. This is a beautiful yellow on you. :)

    I'm not afraid of snakes and just love the look of their skin. Corn snakes have a very docile personality and are great snakes to get get accustomed with. They are very beautiful.

  8. MissMidnightBlue: Thanks so much! All the animals I would have if I could keep them!

    Polish Pauper: Thank you! Animal designs have been transfixing me of late!

    Akuma Kanji: Thanks! I love these Nubar Spring polishes as bases for nail art.

  9. Manicured Monkey: Thank you! I am so glad you like the finished look.

    Salla: Thanks! These snakes have the cutest expressions. So much fun to wear!

    Lucy: There is nothing quite like holding a snake! It's oddly relaxing. Soft yellows are lovely in polish and in flowers. <3

  10. peripatetic33: Always the naturalist! I hope I encounter a baby snake in the wild again this year. They are so darling.

    Spaceinvaders: Thanks so much! I hope to have a snake someday.


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