Monday, March 28, 2011

Diamond Cosmetics Spring Collection 2011

Hello ladies,

Diamond Cosmetics is introducing their new collection with a Welcome Spring gift set. It includes the three Spring Collection polishes plus Super Base and Super Dry and a fashion nail file, packaged in a clear bag for $12. I recommend both treatments included in the set.

The three new colors are currently for sale individually at From the color dots, I am most looking forward to Once in a Blue Moon. Lady Luck may have a pearl finish, which Diamond Cosmetics does expertly. I bet that many of you will be most anticipating the green, Four Leaf Clover! I am already planning nail art with that polish!

Those requiring international shipping, keep checking in at New Diamond Cosmetics collections are released first in the US and then become available there.

What do you ladies think of these shades? I am looking forward to reviewing them. I only wish the Spring Collection was larger than three polishes.

Happy painting, ladies!


  1. I am in love with the Four Leaf Clover - it's the perfect green for me, the one I have been looking for for so long!

    And the Lemon Yellow Zest in their Easter Special is up there with "my perfect colours", too :D !

  2. Lady Luck is one that I'm looking forward to you sharing with us.

  3. lady luck would be my pick :)
    i agree that 3 is not a large number, but better 3 awesome shades than a 12 piece collection that's totally boring right :)

  4. Shame there aren't more than three polishes. Love the green.

  5. I felt the same about the quantity. I wish they had more, a pink/red/coral or something. But the formula on the 3 are really nice for me.

  6. Ana: Lemon Yellow Zest is on my Diamond Cosmetics wishlist!

    Kimberly: I am so curious about Lady Luck and I adore the name!

    Crystaliciousss: A good point for certain! I tend to really enjoy their collections no matter what the size. :)

    Lucy: I am definitely awaiting Four Leaf Clover! I guess it's favorable when a collection looks so good it leaves you wanting a little more.

    kittypolishnbags: I do enjoy their formula as well. They make such pretty corals. :)


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