Friday, March 25, 2011

Flaming hearts: Nubar Pink Lily

Hello ladies,

The flaming heart is a heraldic symbol meaning ardent affection. Traditionally found on coats of arms, I decided to let it emblazon my nails.

I chose red Konad special polish to stamp the heart motif from design plate H10. Pink rhinestone hearts embellish the stamping. I used a Nubar nail art pen in Rubies to highlight the flames. A funky french was painted with two coats of the flakie polish, Nubar 2010, and one layer of the silver shimmer, Pixie Dust.

Pink Lily is a soft pastel blended with a pearl shimmer. Three coats will bring opacity. The color is a whitened, mod style pink. I received lots of compliments on this pale pink when walking about town.

I hope you enjoyed my heraldic manicure. It would make a pretty Valentine this Spring or another way to showcase your coat of arms.

Part of the Nubar Spring Garden Collection, Pink Lily was sent to me for review. Pixie Dust and 2010, also provided for review, are available for purchase at

Image plate H10 was provided for my consideration. Please visit to view the full line of stamping nail art supplies.

Happy painting, ladies!


  1. This mani would have been perfect for Daytona bike week. There were a lot of pink hearts and skulls patterns on clothing. I got me a bandana with bowed pink skulls. lol Girly, but fierce.

  2. Beautiful nails fair maiden.

  3. This is a very gorgeous, feminine damsel manicure! I especially like the additional layer of Pixie Dust, really gives it an oomph!

  4. Kimberly: I love that I did an unintentional Bike Week manicure! Awesome!

    Lucy: Thank you, dear one. *curtseys*

    Joan: Nice to see you here. I am so glad you like the look. <3


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