Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Flutter by: H&M Mambo

Hello ladies,

So much to do! The past week seems to have fluttered by. The hints of spring in the weather have me wishing for the company of butterflies.

I stamped the butterflies from plate H6 using Konad pastel blue special polish. Varying the placement, I let them flutter on my nails. Choosing turquoise pearls to embellish the upper wings, I then added a blue bead to form the face of the butterfly. Rainbow blue diamonds sparkle as the lower wings. These diamonds are challenging to apply. I used a tiny dab of Konad special topcoat over dry polish to adhere the diamonds. Then I sealed them with two layers of topcoat.

H&M Mambo is purple. If the shade looks blue, your monitor is being a trickster!

Mambo is a rich purple cream. The formula was a bit pesky, but workable. The thin consistency required three coats for opacity. I initially tried two coats with a touch up on several of my nails. I noticed cuticle pull when I added topcoat only on the nails showing two coats. You can achieve a lovely manicure with three coats. I hope my experiments help you get the best of Mambo.

The sun was so lovely today. I am looking forward to the emergence of flowers and the presence of colorful, winged creatures.

H&M Mambo was a gift from the beautiful Nathalie at jellynat.blogspot.com. Many thanks!

Image plate H6 was sent to me for review. To shop the full line of nail art stamping plates, visit chez-delaney.com.

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Happy painting, ladies!


  1. Ayesha Monique: Thank you so much! <3

    Patricia: Thanks! I love a good purple! Nathalie has amazing taste!

  2. Great purple!! I think is a good combo with the light blue =)

  3. Great color, I'm wearing it on my toes right now! Not with the fancy nail art though, you are outstanding.

  4. Wow, that purple is dark and bold!

  5. The weather was so beautiful. Now it's cold again. At least I can dream of Spring by looking at your nails. They are so pretty. The butterflies look ready to flit off your nails and fly away.

  6. Pretty purple! Come on, butterflies!!! Bring us Spring!!! I saw 2 bubblebees this past weekend. Surely Spring is on her way. :)

  7. Those butterflies look a little evil to me. I think it's because they are too sharp with straight edges rather than delicate with curved wings...


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