Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Gabrielle Faust Eye Shadow Collection Swatches & 25-50% Off Sale!

Hello ladies,

Today I have a review and swatches of the Gabrielle Faust Eye Shadow Collection from Overall Beauty. Currently offered at a discount of 25-50% off, the eight shades in this grouping are being discontinued.

There are seven matte colors and one shimmer, Sanctified Snow. The white shimmer can be applied as a layering note over the matte shades in the collection.

The following swatches were layered over Hard Candy primer. The first line shows the color applied dry. The second shows the color when applied wet. The descriptions are from Overall Beauty.

Love Lost (deep rose)
Karmic Knight (dark eggplant purple)

Misanthrope (ashen violet)
Sanctified Snow (opalescent white)

Indiscretion (charcoal grey)

Vampire's Kiss (sangria red)

Hourglass Sand (golden cream)

Aftermath (burnt umber brown)

Since I typically gravitate towards shimmer when selecting color, I was surprised by how much I love matte eye shadow! The deeper shades in the Gabrielle Faust Collection tend to be my favorites. Aftermath is luscious as a contour shade. It resembles gourmet dark chocolate. If you want to experiment with a smokey eye look using a neutral palette, Aftermath is favorable choice. Karmic Knight is another defining shade for the contour. The dark purple looks velvety and rich.

Vampire's Kiss works equally well on the lid or deepening the contour. The red tone intensifies when applied wet. Love Lost is my top pick of the collection. I adore sweeping this shade across the lid with Aftermath in the contour. My friend Lisa called Hourglass Sand: a foundation color. This is the perfect description. My preferred way of wearing Hourglass Sand is as a highlight over the brow bone with Sanctified Snow glistening atop.

Another revelation brought by testing the Gabrielle Faust Collection was how suitable many of these shades are for everyday wear. I swatched the colors heavily. This same application style can be used for a smokey eye. You can also achieve a more subtle look by applying a gentle sweeping of color over primer.

I will be showing looks with these shadows in the coming weeks to accompany a review of rhinestone embellished false eyelashes. Matte shadows make a bold accompaniment to glitter accents. I love the way these colors look when paired with glitter eyeliner.

If you are new to mineral shadows, I recommend experimenting with different primers as a base for your eye shadow. I find Hard Candy primer works well for adhesion. The shadows glided on easily without pilling or drifting. Indiscretion was the only shade that was a little tricky to apply. It worked best when I started off with a small amount and built up the color.

I definitely recommend trying shades from the Gabrielle Faust Collection. It just may make you a convert to matte eye shadow.

The Gabrielle Faust Eye Shadow Collection was sent to me for review. The eight shades can be purchased as a group or individually from overallbeauty.com.

Happy painting, ladies!


  1. I love mineral makeup. I just find some of it a little too expensive. I thought the original price for these was really too much money. I think the shadows are really pretty. I have so much that it's ridiculous!

  2. I love the lighting display on the mineral makeup. It would look lovely on your eyes in a pristine environment.

  3. Lucy: Overall Beauty has so many tempting colors. I seem to have a collection myself! I will be doing some looks with these colors in the coming weeks. <3

    Claire: Thanks! I took the photos in my neighbor's apartment. She has the most amazing light. It really highlights the beauty of the shadows.


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