Thursday, March 3, 2011

Moon in Scorpio: Catrice Sophisticated Chic

Hello ladies,

I was recently discussing astrology at the cafe. I was lucky to have my natal chart drawn up years ago by a talented astrologer. For the curious, my Moon is in Scorpio, forming a point of a grand trine in water. One's Moon sign delves into the inner workings. The positioning of Scorpio here certainly explains my dreaminess and captivation with ephemera.

From image plate T02, I stamped the scorpion tattoo in Konad black special polish. The engravings on the T series are particularly crisp. It's amazing how the tiny lines on a long design transfer so cleanly. I highly recommend them. I used a golden Moon to embellish the curve of the tail and echo the astrological significance.

Sophisticated Chic is a delicate, rose gold foil. This shade has a vintage feel. I am showing three coats, but I think two would suffice for those with active length nails. The name of the line is 60 Seconds Nail Couture. While I wouldn't agree with the time description, I do feel Sophisticated Chic is a fashionable hue. I love the professional style application of this polish and the brush is superb.

This bottle of Catrice Sophisticated Chic was a gift from Theresia of amused Polish. She has such exquisite taste in lacquer. Many thanks!

I hope you enjoyed the glimpse at my astrological portrait through nail art.

Image plate T02 was provided for my consideration. To shop the full line of nail art stamping plates, visit Would you like the opportunity to win eight image plates of your choice, along with the Gabrielle Faust Eye Shadow Collection, a ring made from nail polish and Reviva Labs skin care? Enter the Make it Fancy Giveaway!

Happy painting, ladies!


  1. That's so pretty! I love it!

  2. Gold foil does seem vintage. Whenever I think of Scorpio, I have to retrain my thoughts to say water sign. I like how the moon rests upon the stinging tail. The nail color fits well with the theme. Love, me.

  3. I loooove the base colour and the little crescent moon on the scorpion's stinger is too cute ;]

  4. Uau! Amazing! Very very suitable for my sister ;)

  5. What an inncredibly gorgeous design!

  6. Love the polish. I adore foil polishes. Great manicure!

  7. I love this shade on you, and what a coincidence that my zodiac sign is scorpio? :o

  8. Scorpio here, too. :D

    That mani is great. The scorpion almost looks three dimensional. Very cool.

  9. Your konading skills are just amazing. You managed to get all the intricate lines of the scorpian design! (Wow, that rhymed.)

  10. Lovely connection. I wonder if it would be dangerous to cross someone with a moon in Scorpio? I don't think so!! ;)

    I love the elements of this manicure.

  11. This is one badass mani. It works especially well on your long nails.

  12. Lady Luck: Thanks so much, sweetie!

    kittypolishnbags: Thank you, kindly! *curtseys*

    MissMidnightBlue: Thanks! I am so glad you like the look.

    Claire: I knew you would appreciate the design! Scorpio always seems like an odd classification as a water sign to me as well. Never thought of scorpions as great swimmers. xoxo!


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