Thursday, April 14, 2011

Butterfly Season: Color Club Wicked Sweet

Hello ladies,

With the return of sun filled days and bright blossoms, I have been craving sweet things. My manicure today is a candy hued rainbow of hearts and butterflies.

Beginning with Color Club Wicked Sweet as the base, I used the Art Club striper Hologram Black to form a diagonal line. I filled in the half the nail with two coats of Master of Disguise, a black mini polish. Next, I redefined the glitter stripe with a second application of Hologram Black. I sealed the nail with quick dry topcoat.

Over the black polish, I placed butterfly decals from the Art Club Technicolor Doll kit. On the turquoise side, I added brightly colored heart rhinestones in pink, green and orange.

The pink canopy.

For perfect opacity, I layered three coats of Wicked Sweet over a whitening base. This candy scented neon has an effervescent green shimmer that gives the polish depth and beauty. It's certainly worth owning.

I hope today's look added some sugar to your day.

The products mentioned were sent to me for review. The neon blue polish, Wicked Sweet, is the signature color of the new line of scented polishes from Color Club. The Wicked Sweet Collection can be purchased at

For a chance to win the seven piece set of Color Club neon glitter polishes, stop by the Starry Temptress Giveaway! to enter. Best of luck!

Happy painting, ladies!


  1. This a dainty look. But so are the pink flowers. Is that a cherry tree? I think it's something else but it reminds me of a lush cherry tree.

    You have spring in your part of the country!!!

  2. Looks great! I really love that you changed the butterfly colors!

  3. I can't stop watching that tree!!! I love your nails+flowers pics!

  4. A very spring and colorful mani! I love the combination of colors between butterflies and rhinestones...

  5. I really like this mani, so reflective of spring!

  6. Oh wow! That design looks awesome!

  7. What else can I say? I love your manicure and flowers ^___^ they transmit joy and peace :)

  8. This is such a beautiful and bright manicure!

  9. Kimberly: Thanks! The flowering trees are out in force this week. The pink trees in the last photo are magnolias. <3

    Carolina: Thanks so much! I've been loving neon polishes recently!

    Patricia: Thank you! I was initially intending to do a blue and green tone manicure, but the all the colors wanted to come out. :)

  10. ch3rryco1a: Thanks! Neon polishes are uplifting! <3

    Beauty Addict: Thanks so much! I enjoy experimenting with color. I especially love working with stripers.

    maisenzasmalto: Thank you! I am going to be posting some nature photos this weeks. <3

    maRyya: Thanks! I have been really enjoying the neons with all the bright Spring flowers.

  11. Joan: Thank you! I couldn't resist those bright butterflies on a sunny day!

    kittypolishnbags: Thanks so much! I had a great time putting the look together. The heart gems made me think of little candies. :)

    Akuma Kanji: Thanks! I will be showing flowering trees and tulips from an afternoon garden jaunt soon. <3

    Moondancerjen: Thank you! The neon collections have been such a restorative change. :)

  12. Angeles: Thanks so much! I love adding a bit of sparkle whenever possible. :)

  13. I adore Spring. Such a joy to see. That's a beautiful manicure. Love the butterfulies and hearts. Like the diagonal look.

  14. My friend just introduced me to your nail blog. Love how you incorporated the beautiful flowers into your nails. Very wonderfully done :) I wish I had the patience like you do haha.


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