Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Flora and fauna at Longwood Gardens

Hello ladies,

My friend David and I recently journeyed to Longwood Gardens to view the flowering trees and the bright tulip display. We encountered some fauna as well during our garden jaunt.
The tulips are planted in drifts of color.
Red and orange tulips aglow like a fireplace.

The air was fragrant with white blossoms.
The soft yellow daffodils with their bright orange faces.

I love the pink and cream colored tulips. Silky.
Turned up like a lipstick display.

We encountered a sleeping beastie on the walkway.

It seemed to be a rare species that crosses a cat with a baked good and a pair of striped tights.

He raised his chin for scratching.

And succumbed again to the sleeping spell of the sun warmed path.
A view of the tree house between a sakura and a weeping willow.

This sociable goose is from the pair above. He swam over for a close up.

I hope you enjoyed a look at our day. Have you been enjoying the delights of Spring?

Happy painting, ladies!


  1. Stunning photos, looks like a perfect way to pass the day by :)

  2. Oh, how beautiful! Florida is lovely and green but we don't get some of my most favorite flowers like daffodils or peonies. The daffodils you saw give me such a longing.

  3. I love weeping willows! I can't get over all the flowers, I can almost smell them! It's so GREEN there! We still have snow on the ground here.

  4. I am absolutely speechless with all the beautiful photos! I've never seen such beautiful gardens in my life!!! O_O

  5. Ooh wow! so beautiful and peaceful looking! :)

  6. I am a weeping willow tree lover too. That is a beautiful place, my gosh!

  7. Bless you for showing all these beautiful flowers and trees. The tulip is one of my very favorite flowers. I can remember shopping in flower catalogs with my Mother for tulips. The variety is astounding. Longwood Gardens has so many varieties of tulips and daffodils! Beautiful.

  8. I would love to walk through this garden! So beautiful!

  9. Oh what a beautiful cat, I would've been tempted to scoop him up and take him home!

  10. Beautiful!! I love the segmented colors of the flowers! Beautiful kitty, too!!

  11. the pictures are awesome, thanks for this post :-D

  12. wow, almost makes me want to brave the cold weather again

  13. I just realized your from Philly! I am from DE, were so close! We should paint our nails together sometime. lol I went to Longwood Gardens this winter to see the xmas lights and holy crap it was SOO cold! I loved the little treehouses they have! Did you ever go into that one building that has that secret little area with the fountains, spiral staircase, with ceilings low enough for a hobbit?

  14. Great pictures really feels like strolling with you in the park.....keep it going.....I hope someday I can really visit your place and have a picture in that park with my face on it....hehe.....Spring is really full of colors....


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