Monday, May 2, 2011

$5.10 Manicure: Diamond Cosmetics Classic Pink

For the curious, I decorated my right hand as always. 

My right hand holding a selenite egg. 

A peony and an iris

Hello ladies,

After reading Nails Magazine's report of the $51,000 manicure created with 10 carats of faceted diamonds, I considered what I would pay for a luxurious manicure. I decided to move the decimal point over to a more agreeable number and let the spirit of whimsy possess me for a bit.

I began with a base of Diamond Cosmetics Classic Pink and painted a funky french using Moonsand. The dark silver foil polish seemed the perfect setting to place jewels. I used a mix of clear and rainbow gems from various rhinestone wheels from Bundle Monster, Cina and Nubar. I chose clear flatbacks from Art Club that are smooth, without facets. I placed silver beads at random between the jewels.

If I had been trying to duplicate the $51,000 manicure exactly, I would have chosen small crystals to match the size of the diamonds. I wanted my tips to be as luxuriously brilliant as a jeweled egg. This look contains over 250 gems and beads. I am sure the ladies with the $51,000 manicure longed for bigger diamonds on their nails. Perhaps that was all they could afford.

Diamond Cosmetics Classic Pink was the perfect choice for the $5.10 manicure. At $2.50 a bottle, it is within the budget. At three coats, this shade is semi-opaque. The sweet pink color and the jelly formula make Classic Pink a notable choice for French manicures. Despite being sheer, I didn't find the formula streaky even on my long nails. There is just enough opacity with the formula to hide staining and give the nails a fresh look. A good basic, I will be revisiting this shade for future nail art.  

I hope you enjoyed my luxury on a budget manicure.

Classic Pink and Moonsand were sent to me for review. US residents can purchase these shades at For international purchasing, visit

Happy painting, ladies!


  1. Love it and love the price! So shiny :D

  2. Love this! What a great idea! I cant believe the ridiculous amounts of money people would pay just to have their nails done, when they will want to change them within a few days!

  3. I love your version. And the price to create it, too. :)

  4. Very Lady-Gaga-esque. Loves it!

  5. love your nails !!! so bling and pink!!!

  6. yours looks so much better than the expensive version!! lol

  7. This many is really wowww! Love it :D

  8. This is a great idea and lovely take on the French mani!

  9. Is this your best manicure ever? It could be.

  10. Wow! This is amazing. I love jewels, I'll have to do this one day if I have a lot of time to spend. :)

  11. I'd call this fancy smancy! Look so beautiful and wicked cool!

  12. The dutch bearded iris reminds me of my mother's bulb plantings. Iris in Florida are puny by comparison. We do have teddy bear iris tho and they are a wonderful color combo of yellow and brown.


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