Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Apothecary: Art Club Sealer Topcoat

Hello ladies,

I have been using Art Club Sealer Topcoat recently with great success. A new essential in my nail treatment apothecary, this product seals nail art stamping designs, secures gems, pearls and fimo slices, while adding a high gloss shine. It is my dream topcoat.

Art Club Sealer Topcoat is a quality replacement for Konad Special Topcoat. When applied with the same careful dabbing motion across the design, it seals stamping nail art more cleanly than with the Konad brand. I have found I can move the brush over the design a second time without causing the image to blur.

I am so pleased with the performance of this sealer for stamping nail art, I will never use my bottle of Konad Special Topcoat again. I will either keep it as a relic of my past frustration or ceremonially jettison it off the Walnut Street Bridge.

I have been utilizing Art Club Sealer Topcoat for designs created over dry nail polish. This topcoat goes on relatively thickly, but is still easily workable. The consistency is perfect to secure three dimensional items to nails in one coat. The formula works to adhere dried flowers to the nail and maintain their color and beauty. I didn't experience any fading of the petals after showering and applying hand cream.

I am very impressed with how well Art Club Sealer Topcoat helps fimo slices conform to the natural shape of the nail. First, I dab a small drop of topcoat, then add the fimo. Once I tap the piece of fimo with the edge of the pick up tool, it will remain firmly positioned on my nail. The final layer of sealer will quickly coat the fimo and keep it in place.

This is the only topcoat I have found that keeps tiny beads on my nails for days! I didn't lose one of the 300 black beads I employed for my kiwi nail art nor was I missing a single crystal from the 250 plus gems and beads in my $5.10 manicure. Amazing!

Art Club Sealer Topcoat is self leveling. It will add a brilliant, glassy shine to your manicure. The formula is scratch resistant as well. My nails kept their sheen and smooth finish even after doing housework.

It is essential when working with the Art Club Sealer Topcoat to wrap the free edge of your nails with color beforehand to avoid tip pull. When polishing my nails, I wrap the tips after each coat. The only difficulty I had with base colors and the sealer have been thin, jelly polishes. This is a common issue with the majority of topcoats.

When the bottle became about half empty, I needed to add thinner. This step might not be necessary for everyone. My bottles of topcoat get a good deal of air time given the complexity of some of my manicures.

Whether you enjoy doing nail art as a way of life or only occasionally, I highly recommend having a bottle of Art Club Sealer topcoat among your treatments. It is a fantastic product and, by far, my favorite to protect and add shine to nail designs.

Art Club Sealer topcoat was sent to me for review. I have seen this product at Five Below retail locations. It is also included in the Art Club Glitter Striper Set and Boudoir Collection. I am currently searching for a reputable on-line source to purchase bottles singly. It comes in a 7ml size.

Happy painting, ladies!


  1. Thanks for the review and post. I am currently using cina from sally's but i really wanted a high glossy top coat that doesn't mess up the decals. Cina doesnt mess them up but it could be a lil my glossy =D

  2. Thanks. This post is very informative, now all I have to do is search where I can buy this from where I am.

  3. Good to know! I've been looking for a good one of these!


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