Saturday, May 14, 2011

Butterfly Fantasia: Diamond Cosmetics Creole Splash

Hello ladies,

With the growing profusion of flowers and Spring greenery comes the return of the butterflies. Today's manicure is an homage to these delicate winged creatures and their transformative beauty. 

Using green Konad special polish, I stamped the three swirl patterns from image plate T30. The designs reminded me of fern leaves unfurling. I placed fimo butterflies from the Art Club Blue Denim wheel in random flight patterns on each nail. I made jeweled polka dots with green and blue pearls and rhinestones.  
Butterflies and buttercups!

Sarada took this picture of my right hand with white azaleas.

This red flower decided my butterfly nails needed a sprinkling of pollen.

Such a soft and cozy flower ring.

Caterpillar Girl

My friend, the Eastern Tent Caterpillar, is on the move.

A water view from the observation deck. 

The reflection of the clouds in the water brings peace. 

Creole Splash is a bright robin's egg blue shade. While the polish is perfectly opaque in two coats, I found the formula difficult to control. It was on the thin side. With a little cleanup, you can still have a pretty manicure.

I hope you enjoyed my Butterfly Fantasia. Are you ladies catching sight of butterflies as you go about your day?

Creole Splash was sent to me for review. US residents can purchase this color at For international shipping, keep an eye on for availability.

Image plate T30 was provided for my consideration. You can shop the full line of nail art stamping supplies at

Happy painting, ladies!


  1. What a beautiful area. Where is it? The manicure is adorable. I like the little fimo butterflies. Nature in all it's glory.

  2. Lucy: Thanks so much! So glad you like the manicure! I took the photos at a nature center in Bristol, PA. It's amazing this little oasis is only a couple miles from an industrial area.

  3. i love this,you are so creative!!

  4. they are absolutely gorgeous!

  5. It's so breathtaking! Very beautiful :)

  6. Great post, great photos and great mani!

  7. That is a wonderful design. I think buttercups are the perfect celebration of yellow and yarrow plants capture so many variations of green they are entrancing.

  8. Perfect manicure! And even a 'baby' butterfly to visit. :)

  9. That's a beautiful manicure!! :)

  10. This is one of my favorite manis from you! I love it!

  11. Lovely manicure but, when I was looking to the "soft and cozy flower" I was thinking - It makes me think of caterpillers and I don't know how she has the guts to put her hand in there - and then you put photos of a caterpiller and I was like - *O___O* - *chills down spine* - *quick down scroll* -_-
    But the manicure is so beautiful and the other flowers too ^__^

  12. ooh i love the caterpiller!! thanks for the beautiful photos once again darling :)

  13. This one's so whimsical!

  14. So whimsical! Oh hey, the commenter above me said so to!
    Does it ever get a little irritating having 3D nails? That is, art deco's on your nails that stick up?


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