Sunday, May 8, 2011

Into the fairy woods...

Hello ladies,

Would you like to take a walk with me through the Wildflower Preserve? Come explore the sunlit creek, stop by the log cabin, meet a gregarious frog, find dainty yellow lady slippers and be tempted along a mossy path deep into an enchanted wood.  

Virginia Bluebells

Cascading water brings tranquility in sight and sound. 

The creek is a mirror where the trees gaze. 
Purple Phlox

When can I move in?
The chimney is shaped a bit like a bottle of BB Couture nail polish. 
Such starry flowers!

A view from the stone bridge.
Taking a bath. 
He hopped around to greet me. 
And tried to steal a kiss!
Others at the local watering hole are a bit more demure. 
Yellow lady slippers!
The flower would make a suitable boat for a faery queen. 

The newly emerging ferns look like they are stretching after a long sleep.

The red flowers make me think of firecrackers.

Azaleas gone wild!

A mossy path beckons...

White flowering trees weave their branches through the green canopy. 

 Happy  painting, ladies!


  1. I love looking at flowers! When I was young I loved looking in the woods and along trails such as this for mushrooms as I thought they made the perfect umbrellas and chairs for fairies! Thanks for such a great post :D

  2. These pictures are absolutely stunning! If i wasn't so afraid of ticks I would love to go into the woods. I do need to stock up on tick repellent.

  3. Fantastic pictures! Thanks for sharing!

  4. What a beautiful post! I'm reading my subscriptions with my morning coffee just now, and this made me feel all peaceful :) Good start to the day, thank you x

  5. Wow!!! Another fantastic photo-walk with you.....I love the picture of the creek specially. It is looking very calm, natural, quiet and at the same time mysterious. Keep it up girl. Your pictures are my therapy....I am also from a trip and my muscles are all aching. But looking at your photos it gave me the energy to ready my shots from that trip too. I will blog about that trip too...Soon I hope. hehehe

  6. Nice & green. I d'ont do vacation like this. I live in the city and love being on cities or capital on oter countries.

  7. Amazing! I loved this walk!!! ^__^

  8. Beautiful photos. Thank you so much for sharing this pictorial with us.

    That frog was such a ham! He was definitely ready for his close up. :D

  9. Absolutely gorgeous, I wish I was there!

  10. merci pour cette merveilleuse promenade reposante a souhait.........

  11. What a beautiful place! And what great photos!

  12. Fabulous shots and cute commentary! Love the frogs!!!!

  13. You always have such amazing pictures! I've never seen a yellow lady slipper before, all we have are pink ones! :)

  14. Wow it looks so pretty there, I love nature <3
    Great pictures!

  15. you always have the most beautiful photos! i enjoyed the froggy :D


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