Thursday, May 26, 2011

Wings in the greenery: BB Couture Gaia

Hello ladies,

A few days ago, I was given an unusual baby sitting job. As I was taking pictures in the park, a baby bird sat on the ledge within an arm's length distance. He perched close to me, chirping, as his mother flew in with bits of food and left again to forage. After giving him a proper greeting, I returned my attention back to my photography. 

Flying awkwardly into the greenery, he repositioned himself a few inches out of frame of my product photos. The baby bird stayed with me for much of the photo shoot. After he was fully fed, his mother led him back to the nest. This manicure is for my new little friend. I hope to again hear his wings rustling in the green. 

Are you my mother?

Chirp, chirp!

My right hand  with a peony flower ring.

From Bundle Monster plate BM 214, I divided the full nail feather design. I positioned the larger fan of feathers on my middle fingers and thumbs. I opted for the smaller side for my pointer, ring and pinky nails. To create the movement of wings opening, I arranged the feathers to mirror each other on the two center nails.

I chose Konad pastel blue polish for stamping. Using an Art Club striper in blue glitter, I embellished each plume with a single curve of sparkle. Fimo blue jay feathers from the Art Club Blue Denim Wheel add to the flight pattern.

Always pleased to wear a new BB Couture Green, Gaia offers the color of the Earth Goddess namesake. I felt camouflaged when I placed my nails next to leaves. The formula is standard BB Couture perfection. Two coats bring opacity, but three make the shimmer glow beyond measure. Quite lovely!

I hope you enjoyed my feathers manicure and its tiny living inspiration. Have you made any new friends this Spring?

BB Couture Gaia was sent to me for review. Part of the A Touch of Greece Collection/Ladies, this shade can be purchased at

Happy painting, ladies!


  1. We have chameleons that visit on our patio. All sizes and the cats seem to want to go outside and play with them. Not going to happen though. :)

    What a lovely green mani! Perfectly highlights with the rose.

    And your feathered friend is just adorable.

  2. I love the little 3D feathers. And OMG the baby birdie is so cute and pudgy! ^____^ *pokes*

  3. Gorgeous!!! Keep it up....I am trying hard to try some of your past designs but just cant.....Hehehe....I am not as artistic as you thats a given.....I am happy looking at your nails

  4. What a sweet little birdie! Aw...and the manicure is just as cute ^^

  5. LOVVEE the feather mani and the bird is adorable!

  6. What a cutie!! We have a couple blackbirds that made a nest under our carport. Now there are three little birds, we can see their little heads raising when mum&dad arrive with food. <3

  7. How sweet! I usually get to see the squirells running like crazy. Birds flying around. I'm really enjoying them. Love the feathers. It's really a beautiful manicure.


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