Friday, June 10, 2011

Butterflies! The Academy of Natural Sciences

Hello ladies,

This week my friend Drew and I decided to explore the Butterflies! exhibit at The Academy of Natural Sciences in Philadelphia. It was such a respite from city life to interact with live butterflies in a tropical habitat! 

A Clipper butterfly at rest on the foliage.

Sipping nectar.

Looks like he is wearing a single striped sock.

A fine day to you too!

A popular drinking spot.

So lovely, like a delicate fan.

Pardon me, but I could use a lift.  

Quite a fanciful hitchhiker!

The owl butterfly.

This butterfly did not abandon his post.

My new friend, and lace enthusiast, the owl butterfly. 

We were so amazed how sociable the owl butterfly was! Drew held the parasol* for me as the owl butterfly modeled. Our new companion remained in position even as I opened my sun umbrella and set it on the floor!

I hope you enjoyed sharing the delights of the day!

Happy painting, ladies!

*It is important to note when Drew was holding the battenburg lace parasol, we referred to it as the Power-sol to make the experience more manly. I am sure you can sense the omnipresent testosterone exuding from this post. Grrr!


  1. The Clipper butterfly and the 3rd butterfly are BEAUTIFUL. My jaw dropped as soon as I saw this post. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Amazing pictures!! So beautiful and such a social butterfly that owl butterfly! Cute parasol, pity you did not get a picture of Drew holding his "Power-sol" hehe

  3. Where did you get the parasol :D ?

  4. Minty: Thank you! The butterflies were so amazing to see in person! I am so happy I was able to capture them and share the experience. <3

    Nail Utopia: Thanks so much! Glad you enjoyed the butterflies. I don't know that Drew would have wanted such an image released to the wilds of the internet, but he was chivalrous enough to wield the Power-sol for us. Maybe his man hands can make a future appearance at painted Lady fingers.

    Ana: The parasol came from ebay years ago. I purchased it from a US seller in Texas. :)

  5. great pictures, i like butterflies :-D

  6. Lovely post, the butterflies were so beautiful! And the lace parasol is just gorgeous! :D

  7. The Doliouse: Thanks so much! My parasol is my companion on hot, sunny days. :)

    nail crazy: Thank you! So glad you are enjoying the photos! I'm sure I will find more butterflies this summer. :)

    Hebridean Sprite: Thanks! It was amazing to be so close to so many butterflies at once! <3

  8. That must have been an amazing experience. Such beauty. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Hi!
    This is the first time that i visit your lovely blog :)

    I love butterflies and nature! And the parasol, sooo beautiful :)

    Have a nice day!

  10. Owl butterflies! I don't think of fragile butterflies on parasols as beings dark omens. They are beautiful.


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