Thursday, June 16, 2011

Cheeky bunny slippers: Diamond Cosmetics Razzmatazz

Hello ladies,

I had two dwarf rabbits as a child and I have been dreaming of getting a lop eared house bunny. There may be a new cheeky faced and fuzzy tailed member of my little household in the fall. Until then, I will have to be content with rabbit slippers. 

The look was created with Migi Nail Art pens. I began by drawing the half circle of the rabbit face and the outline of the ears. I used the brush to paint white faces and the pen to shade in the ears. I left the center oval of each ear empty of color and highlighted them with an Art Club striper in Malmsy, a deep pink foil. 

To create the noses and mouths, I layered black over a violet shimmer pen. I think it gives it more of a watercolor feel. The eyes were done with the Migi pen as well, but it may be worth experimenting with a dotting tool. I love how each of the bunnies has a different expression. My middle finger is jolly while my pinky looks a bit disgruntled. I used pink rhinestones to make them cheeky. 

Razzmatazz is a beautiful pink with a strong violet shimmer and subtle duochrome. I wore Razzmatazz for a couple days before creating the bunny nail art. I loved the reflection in the sun and the soft color change in lower light. The formula is sheer, yet builds well. I am wearing three coats over Super Base. If you are a pink lover, I recommend adding Razzmatazz to your collection.

I received some inspiration for this manicure from the lovely Agnes from Beauty Vibes. She created a look called Blushing Bunnies and I kept thinking about white rabbits with pink cheeks! Are there any other bunny manicures you believe I would enjoy? Feel free to share a link in the comments. Do you love bunnies as much as I do?

Products in this post were sent to me for review. Razzmatazz can be purchased in the US from and internationally from The Gold Nail Art Pen Set #100 is available at

Happy painting, ladies!


  1. I think pink is highly under-rated,at least by me. I need more pinks. This one is so pretty,and the bunnies with different expressions are adorable characters.

  2. oh dear me! cuteness overload!

  3. I love how it turned out!I really like the pink rhinestones, they add some glamour to it ;)

    And thank you for mentioning my name & post! It's great to see a manicure that has been a tiny bit inspired by something I did :)

  4. I remember them well. I have pictures of you holding a bunny. Now bunnies are painted on your nails. Whenever you want to visit Max, he will be your lop eared bunny. I love the color underneath. Love, me.

  5. I'd like to get a bunny too. I don't know if they get along with Ragdolls. LOL

    There wouldn't be any reason not to get along with these 10 little bunnies you made. So cute!

  6. Love your buns (no pun intended ;0)!

  7. I love it! it is soo cute!! I adore their cheeks!

  8. So cute, absolutely love the base colour also! Really good bunnies and I think its great they each have different expressions, makes it more evident that you did it :)

  9. Ouch! I just broke out in a cute rash!!!

    Great manicure!!!

  10. So sweet,feel like giving it a carrot.

  11. They're so cute! I love them ^^

  12. Biba: Thanks so much, sweetie! <3

    mrsrexy: Thanks! So glad you like the bunnies! :)

    thalie: Thank you! Razzmatazz is a beautiful pink for certain. Blogging has given me an appreciation for pink polishes. Glad you are enjoying the bunny faces. :)

  13. Kirsten: Thanks so much! I had lots of errands to do this week so I painted these bunnies to keep me entertained. ;)

    Kathlynn: Thank you! So glad the bunnies bring joy.

    Agnes: I am so happy you liked the finished manicure. I had to share your link. Those blushing bunnies of yours definitely inspired me. Thanks again, sweetie! :)

  14. Claire: I can bring Razzmatazz over if you want a manicure. Max can continue on as a giant fluffy bunny, despite being technically a German Shepherd. <3

    Kimberly: It amuses me we both love bunnies and ragdoll cats. Glad my bunny nails charmed you. :)

    Freshie: You crack me up! Thank you! :)

  15. Alice: Thank you, dear! You know how I am about rhinestones! Couldn't resist. :)

    katesnails: So glad you like the sweet bunnies! Thanks so much!

    Olivia: Thank you! Glad the bunnies made you smile.

  16. super cute.....late for Easter though....hihi

  17. Oh my gosh, this is so adorable! I remember seeing Agnes' mani.

  18. I love this so much! And I also saw the one ring that you're wearing at The Icing yesterday--idk if that's where you got it, but I like it lots :)

  19. Ice Queen: Thanks so much, sweetie! I appreciate it. :)

    Audrey L: Thank you! Razzmatazz is an amazing pink! So glad you like the line up of bunnies. ;)

    Silhouette Screams: Thanks! The manicure made me so happy. :)

    Paillette: So funny! Thanks so much! :)

    Elena: Thanks, sweetie! <3

  20. Nynaeve: I appreciate it! Thanks so much!

    Efrat: Thank you! What a lovely thought! :)

    Silva: Thank you, dear! Yay for bunnies! :)

    cheannetoday: Thanks! I am a year round lover of our cotton tailed friends and a basket of candy sweetness. ;)

  21. Joan: Thanks for all your recent comments! You are a dear! To answer your question, I don't mind the 3D additions like rhinestones and fimo. My cat loves it when I scratch the bridge of his nose with embellished nails. So cute! Agnes did a great job with her Blushing Bunnies!

    LacquerObsession: Thanks so much! I'm so glad you like how it turned out. Bunnies!

    Rachel: Thanks! My owl ring? They must be selling a copy. The one I have is sterling silver. Sometimes I see costume pieces show up years later that are duplicates of jewelry I purchased at a boutique. So many people like it! I am glad it's more available now so others can enjoy it too. :)

  22. this is so funny and cute ! love it

  23. OMG! This is so cute! Great job!!!!!!

  24. This is one sweet and adorable manicure. Love the bunnies and all the different expressions. This would make a perfect Easter manicure.


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