Monday, June 6, 2011

Garter toss: BB Couture Selene

Hello ladies,

June is a bridal month and weekends seem to be ornamented with bridesmaids and wedding bouquets in Rittenhouse Square. I created a garter toss manicure to go with all the satin, flowers and ribbons being paraded about.  

With Konad white special polish, I stamped the lace ribbon from Bundle Monster plate BM210. I accented the center line with pearls from Born Pretty Store and pastel pink and hot pink jewels. The design made gem placement simple; I counted the circles in the weave of the lace to find the exact center for the large pearl. When using gems to embellish a design, I love experimenting with size and color. 

Since I have been enjoying thin line French lately, I painted a sparkling stripe with Art Club crystal glitter. If you decide to work with this technique, I recommend painting the French after you add topcoat. I find that sealing the edge can subtly distort the line. I haven't had any issues with the Art Club glitter striper lines chipping or flaking, even without topcoat.    

I befriended a tiny pollinator.
Yarrow blooms like a patch of sunlight.

A coordinating petunia.

BB Couture Selene is a new favorite pink! Its glossy, jelly formula is stirred with silver and diaphanous green glitter. So lovely! I am wearing four coats here, but three would suffice for most ladies with active length nails. If you are looking for a pretty pink for summer, put Selene on your wish list. It is worth adding to your collection.

I hope you enjoyed my garter toss manicure! It would be a fun look to wear to a bridal shower or wedding.

Selene was sent to me for review. This polish is part of the A Touch of Greece/Ladies Collection, available for purchase at

Happy painting, ladies!


  1. I love the impromptu of the bee. Perfect timing.
    Selene is excellent for this stamped look.

  2. Love your pics how u are in touch with nature is amazing, that is a very pretty combination!

  3. Super sexy nails! Love Selene also. Beautiful shade of pink. The stamps and gems and your little friend are just perfect. Such beautiful lilies and petunias.

  4. That shade of pink is awesome. I love the glitter. Celebratory nails, indeed!

  5. Love this! And i love that you always take pictures next to flowers, it's so refreshing.

  6. This pink is absolutely gorgeous! I LOVE it! I think I need this one!

  7. I love this manicure, especially how thin the glittery tip lines are.

  8. Nice color and love the nailart. And such a pretty photo's <3

  9. I love how insects land on your nails. They know what's good. The ultimate compliment from nature to your artwork and color choice.


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