Saturday, July 9, 2011

Born Pretty Store: Fimo Canes and Pearls

Hello ladies,

Do you want to add a cute element to your manicures? Fimo cane from Born Pretty Store is the perfect option. Many of the designs coordinate well with the bright colors in summer nail polish collections. 

I found slicing fimo to be far easier than I had expected. While I used to purchase pre-cut slices, I much prefer having 100 canes to choose from to embellish my manicures. Keeping my fimo in a crystal sugar bowl makes for a pretty storage solution. I enjoy being able to see all the patterns with ease. 

I have also been adding pearls from a warmer palette of color to my manicures.  My recent manicure featured fimo rose blossoms and lemon wedges as well as golden and pink pearls.  
100 pieces of fimo cane in a crystal sugar bowl.

You can click to view the assortment.
A cheerful bouquet.

Pink hibiscus blossoms.

Bright saltwater fish.


Kitty faces.

A safety razor I purchased at a local hardware store.
Colorful pearls in a warm palette

Slicing fimo canes seemed a bit daunting at first, but proved easy once I began. I purchased a safety razor for $1.00 and used a wooden kitchen cutting board. I admit the man at the hardware store looked elated to finally find the perfect customer for a neon pink safety razor!

T from amused polish suggested I warm the fimo canes in my hands before slicing. If you are portioning fimo for friends or clients, I would recommend this method. Personally, I get the best results by warming the fimo in my cleavage.  When fimo becomes more pliable from an increase in heat, it is easiest to achieve the thinnest slices.

To adhere fimo to natural nails, use a dab of thicker formula topcoat. You can utilize tweezers or a moistened pick up tool to place the designs. I work nail by nail when positioning fimo, adding a layer of sealer topcoat on the first nail before placing fimo on the next. I finish with an additional layer of sealer topcoat on all ten nails. Two coats keeps the fimo secure for days without lifting. I typically work with Art Club Sealer Topcoat or So Easy, For Rhinestones Only Topcoat. 

I definitely recommend the fimo canes from Born Pretty Store. The assortments vary with each order, but  customer service will search for specific canes if there are designs of particular interest. 

The pearls I am showing are similar to the set I reviewed recently, but with warm tones. I love having yellow and orange pearls for decoration. These will be used often throughout the summer moving into the autumn season. I suggest owning both wheels for more nail art options. 

Have you ladies tried using fimo to embellish your nails? Do you have any favorite items from Born Pretty Store or something you would like to see reviewed at painted Lady fingers? 

There is currently a discount code for 10% off your purchase: PLFK31. Enjoy! 

The 100 fimo cane assortment and colorful pearls were sent to me for review from

Happy painting, ladies!


  1. "Personally, I get the best results by warming the fimo in my cleavage."

    This just made my night. Hahaha

  2. I just ordered some of these!

  3. Aw, these are cute!!
    I really like the fish one...I've been looking everywhere for sea animal fimo canes. Like crabs, fish, sharks...stuff like that.

  4. I love the fish and the kitty faces! :-)I love the fish and the kitty faces! :-)

  5. I have to 100 pcs too! I don't know if I got the fish though. The fish is so pretty!

  6. Those are so cute! I should use some of the canes I bough a while back and forgot I had... I fancy strawberry nails :)

  7. Fimo canes are so cute! I love the kitty ones.

  8. Kristen: Yep, it does the trick. ;)

    imfeelingnail-venturous: I'm sure you will be happy with your fimo canes.

    ChaosButterfly: My assortment had starfish too! I would definitely request canes with fish. I'm sure they will do their best. Great service!

  9. thalie: There were several colors of kitty faces in my assortment. Love them all! <3

    kittypolishnbag: I can't wait to see how you use your fimo canes. :)

    opallinestar: I keep wanting to eat the strawberry canes. They look like candy. ;)

  10. Silva: I love the kitties too! There are pink and orange kitties as well. So sweet! :)

    peripatetic33: These are definitely going to keep me busy. :)

    Thakitty: I definitely recommend it! I love working with fimo.

  11. Cleavage warming is the best. I'll often pop a too-hard toffee in there for softening purposes!

    I really need to pick up some pearls... I love a fimo mani but sometimes I find the sizing a little off...having tiny pearls to fill gaps etc would be great.

  12. I love the kitties and the fish! Too cute!

  13. These are all so cute. I've never used fimo canes. I could heat up loads of canes in my cleavage!

  14. Thank you for this post. I have many fimo canes but upto now have not played with them. I do not know how to cut them very thinly.....With this post I am so happy.....And of course your suggestion of warming them on cleavage will be greatly tested.....heheheh.....

  15. Robyn: Now, I know where to put my toffee!

    I love having a nail wheel collection of pearls and rhinestones. So handy! I used to do more simple fimo manicures, but it creates a nice balance to add other 3-D elements. :)

    Jennifer Leigh: I will definitely be featuring the fish and kitties on my nails this summer. :)

  16. Lucy: You are hilarious! I will be doing more fimo manicures soon. I am thinking about combining fimo and crackle polish. :)

    cheannetoday: I am so glad I could help you. Fimo is a delight to wear. I get lots of compliments. The designs are so cheerful! :)


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