Thursday, July 7, 2011

Bunny in the marigolds!

Hello ladies,

I made a new acquaintance in the garden this morning. A wild rabbit and I were enjoying the flowers, each in our own way. 
Why hello, little rabbit!

I see you share my appreciation of these fine flowers!

Marigolds bring delight to all.

This bunny is still very young. A sociable little lad! I was leaning over the low fencing, only two feet away when taking these pictures. He seems more like a pet, doesn't he?

Happy painting, ladies!


  1. Awww what a cutey! Especialle the third picture <3

  2. Aw that is too cute! I just *love* rabbits.


    ~Miss ALK

  3. oh my gosh, i definitely planted marigold too and they blooming by now! the bunny is so cute and the orange blooming flowers are beautiful

  4. I love your garden pictures! Sometimes it seems like you live in a fairytale :)

  5. Oh how adorable! Would be nice to have as a pet,if only it didn't pee in my lap. I had a white rabbit when I was a girl.

  6. OMG !!!! eating marigolds !!!! I cant handle the cute !!!!!!!

  7. Great shots. He almost looks like he's smiling in the last photo.

  8. Awww, it looks like he is smiling :)

  9. Maartje: Thanks! I love that little guy. So dear!

    ALK: Thanks! I should be getting a bunny of my own very soon.

    peripatetic33: Thank you! These bunnies are always sneaking up on me. ;)

  10. YoannitaL: Thanks! I hope your marigolds attract cute bunnies too, but perhaps not such hungry ones as my little friend.

    megaroonie: Thank you! It is only a matter of time before the animals start singing and doing my housework. ;)

    LadyLuck: Thanks! You may be seeing more bunny activity at painted Lady fingers come September. ;)

  11. thalie: I had two dwarf rabbits as a child. I am planning to add a Holland Lop to my little household come September. :)

    Freshie: Bunnies bring such happiness! <3

    Ashley: We are going to have bunny companions soon! Yay for bunnies!

  12. jaljen: Thank you! He was such a playful little guy! <3

    Biba: He has such a sweet little face!

    Kimberly: I feel tempted to try them after his evident delight!

    Silhouette Screams: I know! I had to force myself to be quiet when taking the pictures. :)

  13. The rabbit is so cute. They weren't welcomed in my Mother's garden. They ate parts of loads of vegetables. The marigolds the ate down to the ground. She was so furious. All the hard work and hours of time she put into the garden. It's the one time she totally gave up on her gardening. Weeks later the marigolds were bushes. They were so beautiful. We never saw two foot high marigolds. Some things were worth the agony.

  14. Lucy: I always love reading your comments. You are so dear. Thank you! My father and my uncle always had bunnies about. My mother used to leave carrots on the lawn to provoke my father, the resident gardener. So hilarious!

  15. I also love the third picture. What a face. I wonder if there are marigolds at the construction site where all of our rabbits live.

  16. awwwww what a cute visitor you had


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