Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Dots and Damsels: Color Club Tattered in Gold and Ready to Royal

Hello ladies,

I love the idea of creating nail decorations that would be suited to a grand fete. I could imagine wearing this look while holding a lace fan.

Starting with a base of Ready to Royal, I painted a cross formation with an Art Club gold glitter striper. I filled in the squares in an alternating pattern with gold fractured polish. I chose the deep pink foil striper in Malmsy to define the cross and layered gold glitter over top.

In the dark purple squares, I added a variety of pink and fuschia pearls and gems along with gold jewels. In the center of the cross, I placed lavender roses.

This is my first time working with 3-D roses. As they have a springy quality, nail glue is definitely required for adhesion. While I am still experimenting with technique, I believe brush-on nail glue plus two coats of a sealer or thicker style topcoat should encourage these pretty flowers to remain as positioned. Topcoat alone is insufficient to hold them.

Ready to Royal is a dark purple that reminds me of a black mirror. It has a glassy finish combined with a depth of color that is quite mesmerizing. I have worn this shade a few times without nail art and I also love it as a backdrop for design. Two coats bring even color and perfect opacity.

One of my favorites from the Fractured Collection, Tattered in Gold reminds me of jewelry.

I hope you enjoyed my dots and damsels manicure!

Tattered in Gold and Ready to Royal were sent to me for review. These shades can be purchased at victoriasnailsupply.com.

Stop by the Let's Get Cracking! Color Club Fractured Collection Giveaway! for a chance to win all six polishes.

Happy painting, ladies!


  1. Stunning!! you always have the most creative designs!!!

  2. so pretty! you always have the most elegant manicures.

  3. imfeelingnail-venturous: Thanks so much! I love trying new techniques.

    beauxs mom: Thank you! I strolled through a butterfly garden and paused to take the photos. A lovely day!

    neelai: Thanks! I am so glad you like the look. <3

  4. Kristen: Thank you! I love trinkets. It's fun to decorate my nails like the contents of a jewelry box. ;)

  5. Another very pretty manicure you created here! I love the antique touch it has :)

  6. this is so intricate.You must have taken alot of care and time in putting this mani together,and I absolutely love it so much, I want to try it myself. I love the squares!

  7. Im' in love!!
    This mani is awesome!

  8. OMG so pretty and creative! <3 Your manicures are always a piece (or ten pieces) of art. :)

  9. I come for the polish & stay for the flowers. I love how you incorporate beautiful flowers into all your posts.

    I was waiting for someone to post good photos of the sizes of those pearls.

  10. So beautiful this manicure! I like to think about fairy tales when I look at it! :D

  11. this is gorgeous! lovely colours :D

    shel xx

  12. Beautiful and reminds me of a Victorian design. Get that lace fan out immediately!

  13. Kayono: Thank you! Something about metallic crackle polish really lends itself to wistful time traveling. ;)

    thalie: I ended up watching Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 1 while placing the jewels and pearls. The squares are a fun challenge to work with. If you would like to give the look a try, feel free. I just ask that you link back to the post. So glad you enjoyed this creation. :)

    Michelle: Thank you! *curtseys*

  14. rock-or-not: Thanks so much, sweetie! <3

    the-swatchaholic: That's so nice! Thank you! I am happy you are enjoying my manicures. :)

    maRyya: Thank you! I appreciate it! :)

  15. This is absolutely gorgeous lady! :D

  16. Deez Nails: I'm so glad you are enjoying my pictures. You always do such a great job with your photography. I am happy to share. :)

    The smallest pearls are the same size as the Born Pretty minis in the three size (natural colored) pearl wheel. The other pink pearls are the ones from Born Pretty I reviewed recently.

    Akuma Kanji: Thanks so much, sweetie! There is something of an Otherworldly character of the design. Perhaps a Faery Queen whispered the idea to me when I was sleeping.

    Irish Enchantment: Thank you! I love rich purples and metallic shades too. <3

  17. Kimberly: Thank you! I knew you and the fancy kitties would approve.

    Lucy: So glad you like the manicure! I will have to put an order in for a lace fan. Would be a good prop too! <3

  18. Fugulicious: Thanks so much! I appreciate your kind thoughts. :)

    kittypolishnbags: Thank you, dear! I thought this manicure would suit your fancy. <3

  19. Wow that's so pretty... it must have taken ages!


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