Thursday, July 14, 2011

My bunny in the marigolds hopped over to

Hello ladies,

Recently I encountered a wild bunny who favored eating marigolds. He is now a part of the community at Please visit my wild bunny and experience the many other faces of disapproval at one of my favorite amusing animal sites. I am delighted my picture was included!

Below is another bunny I met in the garden this week:
I see you!

Should I come out to play?

Perhaps I will just hop away. Bye, little bunny! 

Happy painting, ladies!


  1. I love these "animal" posts!

  2. Very cute!
    I love Disapproving Bunnies :)
    I should submit one of my bunny pictures, too ;)

  3. That's nice that your bunny was featured on Disapproving Rabbits.Apparently they "disapproved" of you very much,lol!

  4. Zoomk: Thank you! :)

    katherine: Thanks! Bunnies always entertain.

    Biba: Thank you! It's always such a pleasant surprise to come across these sweet creatures. :)

  5. Binara: Oh, you should indeed! I would love to see your bunny there too!

    thalie: I am pretty excited about my little wild friend being included. Shame I didn't get the follow up picture of the disapproving gardener after seeing the chomped upon marigolds. ;)

  6. You have such an awesome blog--love it! Love the nature, the flowers, butterflies, cats (I'm a cat lover). I love how the animals help choose names for the giveaways. And of course, I love your nail art, the way you position the stamping and use pearls and glitter. And lastly, that you have long nails, that's not the norm among the other blogs. I have long nails too, but recently cut them down.

  7. Lori: I am so glad you are enjoying the offerings here. Thanks so much for visiting! I actually have some pictures of my cat waking up from a nap I would like to post in the next couple weeks. He makes a face like an old sailor when he wakes up. :)


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