Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Naughty Kitty: Color Club Yum Gum and Smash Hit

Hello ladies,

I wanted to create a fun, boudoir style manicure. I had a little help from a naughty kitty. Neon pink and black crackled French tips provide a stylish backdrop for a bit of mischief and delight. 

From image plate D26, I stamped the retro cats using black Konad special polish. I created a funky French with the fractured polish, Smash Hit. Rainbow crystal bows adorn the center. The French line sparkles with Art Club silver glitter. Kitty used her tail to steal a pearl.   

Yum Gum is a bold and pretty neon. The scent of bubble gum is subtle and pleasant. I appreciated the ease in application. Three coats over a whitening base brought perfect opacity.

I have been having a great time experimenting with the Fractured Collection. Painting Smash Hit across my tips created a lacy effect, and complemented the naughty kitty.

You will be seeing more of the Color Club Fractured Collection this week. The kitty might have a little something in mind.

Color Club Yum Gum and Smash Hit were sent to me for review. These polishes can be purchased at victoriasnailsupply.com.

I purchased the D series image plates from chez-delaney.com.

Happy painting, ladies!


  1. Oh, I looooove the kitty!! Darling art. :)

    What is the name of the flower in your 1st photo? More than just pretty, it's very complex in the shape and shades.

  2. Charis: Thanks so much!

    Kimberly: I knew you would be drawn to this manicure. ;)

    The blooms are gladiolas. I took a close up at the center of the spray of flowers. I keep discovering new varieties at the local garden!

  3. SOOOOOOOOO cute!

  4. that retro kitty is so cute,and the rainbow crystal bows really do make a nice accent. I love hot pink and black together!

  5. gorgeous combination. =3

  6. imfeelingnail-venturous: Thank you! Kitties are hard to resist! <3

    thalie: Thanks! I haven't done many manicures with bows, but I am thinking about using them more. So cute for summer!

    Enamel Girl: Thanks so much, sweetie! :)

    Zoomk: Thank you! I didn't start out with a clear design plan. I kept adding elements. :)

  7. the little kitties are so cute

  8. meow! so creative and cute !! me love the kittehs!

  9. rock-or-not: Thank you! Cool cats indeed. ;)

    Charlotte Sparkle: Thank you! Much appreciated.

    stopdidine: Thanks so much! <3

    katherine: Thanks! Can't resist kitties!

    aaminahs mom: Thank you! Kitties inspire cuteness. :)

  10. Shorby: Thanks so much! I had a lot of fun putting this look together. :)

  11. Ahh so CUTE! I love the retro kitty. I started singing ..."we are siamese if you please...we are siamese if you DON'T please". Okay, flashbacks. Love it, Diana! <3

  12. The gladiolas and zinnias are so gorgeous. Your nails are fantastic!!!! Really love the combination of pink and black. That black kitty stamp I love. I just got a new shower curtain that is beige & cream large stripes. There are pink mules, perfume bottles, dusting powder and clutch purses. Bows on some thing but on the mules are pink feathers. My girlfriend found it for me. Your nails would look perfect in my bathroom!

  13. Pink and black. The colors of grandmom's bathroom when they lived in Philly. I loved that bathroom. I actually like the crackle nail polish lid. And the cat seems art nouveau. Oui.

  14. Nicole: Thanks, lady! You brought back memories for me too! I used to love the Siamese cat song when I was a girl. :)

    peripatetic33: Thanks so much! <3

    Lucy: Ooh la la! That sounds like the perfect environment for make up and pampering. :)

  15. Jossie: Thanks! So glad you like the look!

    Claire: I must say I was not expecting to have two comments comparing my manicure to bathroom decor. I don't remember the bathroom specifically, but my first memory was of their house. :)

  16. I absolutely love the kittehs! :D

  17. Que modelo mais lindo,
    eu amei...


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