Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Wing tips: Color Club Shabby Drab, Boho Mojo, Rad Nomad, Voodoo You Do

Hello ladies,

I hope you all are having a great summer! I missed you ladies and am happy to be back to blogging. With all the songbirds flying about and chatting in the branches, I decided it was time to present a manicure with wing tips. 

Beginning with Color Club Shabby Drab as a base, I created a French tip gradation using a fan brush. To try this look, you will need to work with a palette. The back of an uncoated nail art stamping plate or even a paper plate would suffice. 

For the first layer, I chose the silver frost: Boho Mojo. I placed a circle of color on the palette and pushed the fan brush against the polish. Imagine the fan brush as a tiny push broom. If you pull the brush towards you on the palette, you will risk picking up too much color and losing the feathery effect. 

Rad Nomad forms the second layer. This dusky purple is several shades darker than the base color, Shabby Drab. The final layer at the tips is Voodoo You Do, a peacock green pearl. 

When working with the fan brush, I only needed a third of the brush edge per color. I was careful to portion the sections equally when working so I didn't have to be concerned about cleaning the brush between layers. 

Before adding rhinestones and pearls, the design had a soft, watercolor feel. I will likely try this technique again without further embellishment. I couldn't resist selecting pearls and rhinestones in lavender, purple, green and silver to complement the polish. 

Passion flower

Shabby Drab is a greyed violet. I have seen hints of this shade in the sky intermingled with the pinks of sunset. The creme formula is opaque in three coats and offers salon quality application. Love this polish!

I hope you enjoyed my fancy, wing tips. And no, I won't acknowledge the name also applies to shoes. I think the songbirds like my usage best. 

The Color Club polishes were sent to me for review. The four shades featured are from the Back to Boho Collection, and will be available soon for purchase at You can also peruse the company site,

Happy painting, ladies!


  1. so pretty i am always amazed at your creativity with your nails :)

  2. i have never seen a multi colored zinnia like that, how stunning

  3. This technique sounds fairly easy, and the final result is stupendous! :-)

  4. It is so nice to see you and your lovely nails in a post, again. :D

  5. Diana, this is absolutely lovely! And welcome back!

  6. Your winged tips are so lovely! Thank you for the explanation, I might give this technique a try (knowing that I'm clumsy) :-/

  7. Love the bead work!!!!!

  8. I'm smiling to see your blog's email pop up. So good to see you again. :)

    Darling manicure! The colors are like the sky's as it transitions from light to dark and, from summer into early fall.

  9. So happy to see your posting again. Missed you. Love this manicure. The technique is amazing. I so admire what you can do with your manicures. I can't do anything but paint my nails! Love the pearls & gems on your base. Gorgeous! Love the flowers also. It would be amazing to have nails like that zinnia.

  10. I really love this manicure because it is greyish! ^__^ I love most grey manicures and yours are really hard to not like because you never fail with the details! :)

  11. Gorgeous nails and flowers as always :) I actually love the addition of the pearls and rhinestones, I think they work perfectly with the design - very eye catching. This makes me want to break out my rhinestones asap!


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