Thursday, September 29, 2011

Painted Lady fingers is now on facebook!

Hello ladies,

Please visit the new painted Lady fingers facebook page. There, I will keep you updated regarding blog posts and the latest information about nail polish and beauty. The fauna that enjoys visiting this site may occasionally fly, leap, crawl, hop, run or prance over to facebook. You may also see a few flowers blooming there as well. 

As painted Lady fingers is settling in, I would appreciate it if you would like the page. I look forward to encountering you on facebook!

Happy painting, ladies!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Color Club Backstage Pass Collection Preview (tell me your picks)

Hello ladies,

Have I slipped into a dream or did Color Club just bring to life a sparkling fantasia of glitter polishes? I am besotted with all six of these shades! Color Club consistently makes the best glitter layering notes. I find myself returning to past collections when creating nail art. The Backstage Pass Collection has the potential to become my favorite Color Club grouping of all time, though Glitter Vixen will always remain a first love. 

Are you ladies as mesmerized by the Backstage Pass Collection as I am? Please share your favorites in the comments. 

Below is the press release information: Please position yourself before a fainting couch and then click to enlarge the photo of glitter utopia.

Color Club Backstage Pass Collection 

Get Your Rock Glam On this October with a new Rockin' Glitter Collection from Color Club. 

September 2011: New York, New York. Color Club, the veteran nail polish brand, announced today the debut of Backstage Pass, a new rockin' glitter nail polish collection. The aptly named collection features six nail polishes, from Wish Upon A Rock Star to Platinum Record, that are sure to rock your world. Whether you are a rocker, or just aspire to look like one, this new vegan, Formaldehyde, Toluene, DBP and paraben-free collection is your ultimate backstage pass and sure to be a hit!

The Backstage Pass Collection includes: 

Take the Stage: Gold glitter with Silver Flakes
Wish Upon a Rock Star: Multi-colored Glitter with Purple
Backstage Pass: Silver & Purple Hex Glitter
Platinum Record: Silver Glitter
It's A Hit!: Purple Big Glitter
Fame & Fortune: Red Base with Silver Flakes

All Color Club products are made in the USA and not tested on animals. Products are available at

Happy painting, ladies! 

Monday, September 26, 2011

Refinee Age Reversing Skin Care : Anti-Puff Brightening Eye Gel

Hello ladies,

Anti-Puff Brightening Gel by Refinee Age Reversing Skin Care has been a useful supplement to my daily skin care routine. This treatment contains soy peptides to help reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles and minimizes puffiness. The gel formula is filled with skin calming botanicals including extracts of japanese green tea, gingko biloba, chamomile, coneflower and arnica. 

Anti-Puff Brightening Gel has a clear, lightweight formula that disappears into the skin. Because it absorbs readily, leaving no discernible residue, I favor it as a daytime treatment. It works beautifully as a first layer beneath makeup primer and eye shadow. 

Designed to benefit all skin types, I find Anti-Puff Brightening Gel calms my dry skin. Although it is recommended for drier skin to wear it as a layer beneath Refinee Anti-Aging Eye Treatment, I found it effective when used singly. The light consistency would be equally useful for normal to oily skins. 

This gel does a notable job of reducing the appearance of wrinkles. In the first week, used morning and evening, Anti-Puff Brightening Gel erased the look of fine lines along the perimeter of the half moons under my eyes. If you have the beginnings, or even a progression, of crow's feet, this treatment will seem magical. 

As the product name suggests, it will also deflate puffiness. It helps transform the eye area from puffy to refreshed. It also gives a nice lift to the area above the contour. If you are going to take the time to do a an eye makeup look, starting with Anti-Puff Brightening Gel will give you less issues to cover. 

Ingredients: Water, Glycerin, Glyceryl Acrylate/Acrylic Acid Copolymer, Witch Hazel Extract, Soy Peptides & Hydrolized Rice Bran Extract and Oxido Reductases (ReguAge) Sodium Hyaluronate, Aloe Vera Extract, Japanese Green Tea Extract, Gingko Biloba Extract, Chamomile Extract,  Coneflower Extract, Arnica Extract. 

Combining Soy Peptides with Hydrolized Rice Bran Extract and Oxido Reductases yields a prized grouping to encourage micro-circulation in the blood around the skin. This results in improvement of dark circles and puffiness and smoother skin texture.

Coneflower Extract is derived from the plant Echinacea, prized for its immune support function. This skin healing ingredient has anti-inflammatory properties. 

If you are searching for a quality treatment to diminish puffiness, wrinkles and dark circles, Anti-Puff Brightening Eye Gel gets my highest recommendation. It's a fantastic multi-purpose gel that soothes and nourishes the delicate skin around the eyes.

Anti-Puff Brightening Eye Gel was provided for review. A .5 ounce (15 G) tube retails for $31 and can be purchased at

Happy painting, ladies!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Nubar Jeans Collection Preview

Hello ladies,

Nubar sent me information to share about the upcoming Jeans Collection. Sold as a set, there are three blue polishes offered at a price point of $19.99.

Faded Jeans: A light blue shimmer. 
Boyfriend Jeans: A medium blue creme.
Dark Wash Jeans: A dark blue creme. 

While there isn't an official release date at the moment, the Jeans Collection is expected to appear at at the end of next week or early the following week.

I am excited to try Boyfriend Jeans. I love the grey undertone! I wonder if this shade will be a cadet blue. I'm pleased that Nubar is offering their own take on the denim color trend, at a much more accessible purchase price than Les Jeans de Chanel. What do you think of the blue focus for fall? Do you plan on wearing blue manicures this season?

Happy painting, ladies!

Friday, September 23, 2011

A visit to the Philadelphia Zoo

Hello ladies,

This week, my friend Drew took me to the Philadelphia Zoo for my birthday. I made quite a few new acquaintances.  I learned that mountain lions and leopards behave much like my ragdoll cat. I heard a little known fact about giraffes. We witnessed the bane of a 400 pound polar bear and managed to escape a prairie dog uprising.
A mountain lion: acting much like a house cat. 

Sun spots.

Running in his sleep. 

Ah, the faithful giraffe. 
Such careful listeners...

And notorious gossips!

I am scrunching up my face.

Because I am an itchy nosed polar bear. 
Scratch, scratch!

I think I got it!

Ah, relief!

Three for the road.

Does anyone feel like they are being watched?

Will they suspect a diversion?

A hole in one. 

Can you dig it?

It was a lovely day! Have any of you experienced any recent encounters with wild creatures?

Happy painting, ladies!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Verdant Moon: Color Club Artsy Crafty & Perfect Mol-ten

Hello ladies,

I decided to create cosmic nail art with verdant moons and stars. I think this manicure would be the ideal adornment for a celestial fete! This look is part costume ball, part science fiction.

Beginning with Artsy Crafty, a deep moss green, as the base, I painted the moons in Perfect Mol-ten, a pale green foil. I worked with size 0 sable brush from the art supply store. To create symmetrical moons, I formed a dot in the center of my cuticle line and then added two small dots to denote the ends of the crescent. I painted a 'C' and enlarged the shape into a crescent moon.

Although the design is simple, achieving a defined crescent takes a small brush and patience. If you decide to try this look, focus on keeping the end points of the crescent narrow. I filled in the center of the moon with emerald and peridot gems and stars, along with soft green pearls.

Fingerless gloves from Art by Sarada

The last photo shows one of the fingerless gloves made for me by Sarada as a birthday present. I love the ruffled cuff! Enlarge the picture to show the metallic silver threaded in the yarn. So lovely! 

I adore Artsy Crafty! This polish reminds me of the green in moss agate, one of my favorite colors in the natural world. The application is clean and professional. I used three coats for opacity, but two would likely suffice for ladies with active length nails. A truly beautiful creme polish and a must have for green lovers.

Working with Perfect Mol-ten has incited many ideas for future manicures with other shades from the new Color Club Foiled Collection! The formula is great for color blocking.

I hope you enjoyed my fantasy manicure with green moons and stars. I hope whatever life there is on other planets turns out to be well adorned. 

Artsy Crafty and Perfect Mol-ten were sent to me for review. These shades can be purchased from Visit to learn more about the Color Club brand. 

Happy painting, ladies! 

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Hard Candy: Fox in a Box Bronzer Duo in Truth or Dare

Hello ladies,

I tend to wear bronzer and blush most often as the weather transitions into autumn. Even though my skin is porcelain, there is a warmth about my cheeks that summer imbues naturally and cosmetics can help perpetuate. In the season of capelets and fingerless gloves, Hard Candy Fox in a Box Bronzing Duo is helping to keep the glow of summer on my face. 

Truth or Dare

Swatched heavily, applied dry over Hard Candy primer

I really enjoy Hard Candy's bronzing products. Ladies with fair complexions can gain extra flush and color in their cheeks without the skin appearing overly made up. With less sparkle than So Baked Bronzer,  Fox in a Box provides the most natural look.

The tiny brush is useful if you want to apply only one of the colors. I prefer to mix the bronzer and the blush together with a large, soft brush from my collection. A light application can highlight the apples of the cheeks. When brushed on a little heavier, Truth or Dare can make a defining contour for fair skin.

Many ladies avoid bronzer because they are afraid of making application errors. Fox in a Box is virtually fool proof. The duo is pigmented enough that a gentle sweep across the cheeks and a touch on the forehead and chin will provide suitable coverage. If you feel comfortable enough to use a little more product for contouring, the color builds well.

The packaging is absolutely adorable and gift worthy! The decorative cardboard box is perfect to sit on a vanity or keep in a basket or display shelf in the bathroom. I am really charmed by the Hard Candy aesthetic. As I apply makeup every day, it's nice to have pretty packaging to reach for as part of the routine.

I definitely recommend Fox in a Box as an easy way to add a bit of color to the face and decollete year round.

Fox in a Box was sent to me for review. Visit to view the full product line. Stop by a Walmart retail location or shop on-line at Fox in a Box sells for $6.00.

Happy painting, ladies!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Painted Lady Fingers featured in Nails Magazine October 2011

Hello ladies,

In the October 2011 issue of Nails Magazine, there is a blogger positive feature entitled 
5 Nail Art Blogs Worth Bookmarking. The article is on page 89 in the Style section. Painted Lady Fingers is mentioned along with For Your Nails Only, Hey, Nice Nails and Burgers and Nails. They also provide information about 365 Days of Nail Art, a daily design showcase from Nails Magazine. 

You can click on the main blog links above to scroll to the original content. My screen shot was from an August post with Dr.'s REMEDY polish in TRANQUIL Tangerine. Below is an image of the feature.

Here is the text as it appears in the article.

More than 2,000 followers can't be wrong. This Philadelphia-based lady has a penchant for glitter and Konad nail art stamps. Enlarge any of her photos with a click of the mouse.  

A special thanks to Nails Magazine for mentioning painted Lady fingers! It was lovely to be included with blogs I read regularly (For Your Nails Only, 365 Days of Nail Art) and to be introduced to new to me blogs. I am curious to see if Burgers and Nails would accept a veggie burger photo. 

My appreciation to Mary from Body and Soul Beauty for letting me know about the feature when her issue first arrived. Thanks also to my friend who Drew who made good use of his office hours by scanning the image for all the nail art loving ladies! 

Copies of the October 2011 issue were provided by Nails Magazine

Happy painting, ladies! 

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Eyeko Site Launch + London Lips Lip Gloss: Knightsbridge

Hello ladies,

Eyeko is in the process of launching a fresh product line and changing the brand image. New items are being introduced at

So far, the line consists of three mascaras defined by brush type: Curvy, Fat and Skinny. They also have Skinny traditional and liquid liners. 

I will say I am curvy, but in a different way.  Love the look of the curvy brush!

While the new Eyeko is focused on eye defining products, I hope they return to offering lip products in their range. Eyeko recently sent me London Lips Lip Gloss in Knightsbridge as an Ambassador gift. This product is part of the vintage eyeko line. Currently, Eyeko is offering vintage surprise gift sets in their sale section. 

The London Lips Lip Gloss is a sweet little product that offers a glossy shine. My lips feel instantly moisturized. London Lips goes on slick and then softens into the skin. A few minutes after application, I hardly notice that I'm wearing gloss at all. It has a fruity scent blend that first makes me think of strawberries. I detect a little white grape in the mix as well. Quite delectable! 

I wouldn't hesitate to purchase another shade if they turn up on their sales page. 

What do you ladies think of the new Eyeko brand image? The Curvy Brush Mascara looks interesting to me.  The pink Eyeko crest design makes me think of a fancy guitar pick. I clearly have spent a good deal of time around musicians! The new products seem like quality eye makeup basics, but I really want to see an expanded line with all the flair and charm we have come to expect from Eyeko.

London Lips Lip Gloss in Knightsbridge was sent to me for review. If you decide to do any shopping on the newly launched, feel free to use my ambassador code for a free gift: E11321.

Happy painting, ladies!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Antique silver, pearls and rubies: Color Club Red-ical Gypsy and Boho Mojo

Hello ladies,

This weekend brought the first touch of autumn weather to Philadelphia. My friend Lisa and I took the train to Chestnut Hill to walk around the small town setting and shop for kitchen herbs, rose petal jam and Yankee candles. We met at 30th Street Station with unintentionally matching brick hued manicures!

Chestnut Hill is known for its antique stores. One particular shop had a sidewalk table set up with vintage brooches and pendants, each adding flashes of jewel tones to the sun filled afternoon. I decided to transform my tips into an antique silver tray, displaying pearls and rubies. 

Beginning with Red-ical Gypsy as the base, I used the Konad sponge nail art applicator to create an antique silver look with Boho Mojo. I love working with frost and pearl finishes for sponge painting. The tendency of these formulas to create brushstrokes is favorable here; The pattern of the sponge is better defined. If you have trouble with applying frosts and pearls, try employing them with the sponge method. 

For the contents of the jewelry tray, I selected a variety of white pearls, rainbow crystals, rubies and silver gems. A clear heart sparkles from each nail because fall is my most loved season. 

I was able to take pictures of my manicure amidst the roses just as the sun was setting. The soft light is perfect for showcasing reds.

Red-ical Gypsy is a high gloss brick red, a classic shade for fall. When first applying Red-ical Gypsy, I was anticipating a jelly finish. The polish turned out to be closer to a creme. I needed three coats for opacity and evenness. The people at Color Club really outdid themselves with the cremes in Back to Boho. Every one I have tried brings flawless application.

I hope you enjoyed my antique jewelry manicure. Have autumn temperatures reached your town? I know the Australian ladies are anticipating Spring at the moment. Both are such lovely seasons!

Red-ical Gypsy and Boho Mojo were sent to me for review. Stop by to purchase the Back to Boho Collection or visit for the full line of Color Club and Art Club products.

Happy painting, ladies!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Hard Candy Undercover Agent Undereye Brightener and Concealer Duo

Hello ladies,

As a night owl and perpetual insomniac, I am always eager to try a new concealer. Hard Candy Undercover Agent presents a dual approach to imbuing the eyes with a well rested look. The product offers an undereye brightener and concealer in one sleek package. 

The brightener is in the tube. The concealer stick is in the lid. 

The first step in using Undercover Agent is to apply the brightener, a semi sheer white gel that blends easily into the skin. With the description undereye brightener, I was anticipating a touch of pearly shimmer found in a highlighting facial product. I didn't detect any illuminating properties in this brightener. The gel functions as a treatment to remove puffiness and help eyes look refreshed. It also acts as a fantastic primer for the concealer in the cap or whatever concealer you choose. The brightener is the real strength of the duo.

What makes the packaging design compact and visually appealing can present some difficulties for use. The concealer portion is contained in the cap. I advise navigating application using the following method: Unscrew the cap from the tube, remove the clear lid and pat the concealer stick under the eye. Blend the color with your fingers.

Undercover Agent is available in three shades: Light, Medium and Tan. I tested the light tone and found it perfect for porcelain skin. It offers just the right balance between being light enough to camouflage dark circles, but without being so white as to create pale moons under the eyes.

The concealer provides medium coverage. The width of the concealer stick is well designed for the the undereye area. I do wish the packaging allowed for a little more product than what the lid can hold. The consistency of the concealer is on the thicker side. Dry skin will definitely require the brighter as a first layer to help the concealer smooth into the skin.

It's necessary to start with a moderate amount to avoid the concealer settling into the lines around the eyes. While it can be easy to get carried away when concealer is in a stick form, Undercover Agent requires a light hand. I think this product would be best for use to cover dark circles rather than fine lines. I would recommend the concealer portion more for young skin. For ladies with mature skin who are looking to camouflage fine lines, I feel the brightener would be useful as a first layer under your regular concealer.

Undercover Agent is an interesting concept. Although a little tricky to work with, the concealer does help hide my tendency to keep late hours. I absolutely love the brightener as a daytime treatment and primer.

Hard Candy Undercover Agent was sent to me for review. For more information about the full line of products, stop by This item can be purchased at Walmart retail locations and at The retail price is $6.00.

Happy painting, ladies!