Saturday, September 17, 2011

Antique silver, pearls and rubies: Color Club Red-ical Gypsy and Boho Mojo

Hello ladies,

This weekend brought the first touch of autumn weather to Philadelphia. My friend Lisa and I took the train to Chestnut Hill to walk around the small town setting and shop for kitchen herbs, rose petal jam and Yankee candles. We met at 30th Street Station with unintentionally matching brick hued manicures!

Chestnut Hill is known for its antique stores. One particular shop had a sidewalk table set up with vintage brooches and pendants, each adding flashes of jewel tones to the sun filled afternoon. I decided to transform my tips into an antique silver tray, displaying pearls and rubies. 

Beginning with Red-ical Gypsy as the base, I used the Konad sponge nail art applicator to create an antique silver look with Boho Mojo. I love working with frost and pearl finishes for sponge painting. The tendency of these formulas to create brushstrokes is favorable here; The pattern of the sponge is better defined. If you have trouble with applying frosts and pearls, try employing them with the sponge method. 

For the contents of the jewelry tray, I selected a variety of white pearls, rainbow crystals, rubies and silver gems. A clear heart sparkles from each nail because fall is my most loved season. 

I was able to take pictures of my manicure amidst the roses just as the sun was setting. The soft light is perfect for showcasing reds.

Red-ical Gypsy is a high gloss brick red, a classic shade for fall. When first applying Red-ical Gypsy, I was anticipating a jelly finish. The polish turned out to be closer to a creme. I needed three coats for opacity and evenness. The people at Color Club really outdid themselves with the cremes in Back to Boho. Every one I have tried brings flawless application.

I hope you enjoyed my antique jewelry manicure. Have autumn temperatures reached your town? I know the Australian ladies are anticipating Spring at the moment. Both are such lovely seasons!

Red-ical Gypsy and Boho Mojo were sent to me for review. Stop by to purchase the Back to Boho Collection or visit for the full line of Color Club and Art Club products.

Happy painting, ladies!


  1. What a pretty manicure! The fall temperature is hitting Massachusetts, and I am loving it. I do love my summer but I love walking outside in the morning to a nice cool breeze. But I don't want winter since it's too cold lol.

  2. So pretty. Beautiful transformation of your nails. Definitely looks like a tray ful of jewels. Gorgeous. I had to put the heat on to get the chill out of the house. Darn! I don't like the heat but I'm not looking forward to the cold. Beautiful roses. I will miss all the lovely summer flowers.

  3. very pretty!! loving the colors! what will you do the background as when all of the flowers are gone?

  4. Love the design! So creative! Looks fun to wear.

  5. so much bling! love it. hmm i need some bling now!

  6. Nail Designs xox: I used to live in Maine and New Hampshire so I can appreciate those long autumn walks in New England. So lovely! Glad you like the manicure! <3

    thenailaholic: Thanks so much, dear! :)

    Lucy: I am so glad roses have such a long growing season. I will have to find some good props to entertain you through the winter. I will model my nails with the fall leaves for a bit. Jeweled nails have been such a focus for me lately. I really enjoy creating adornment. xoxo!

  7. Elize: Thank you kindly. <3

    Miss Emily K.: So glad you are enjoying the look! I use fall leaves, blue skies and props in my cool weather posts. :)

    imfeelinnail-venturous: Thank you! I had a great time with this look. Love to sparkle! :)

    Pretty: Yes! Come join me! We can sparkle together! :)


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