Sunday, September 18, 2011

Eyeko Site Launch + London Lips Lip Gloss: Knightsbridge

Hello ladies,

Eyeko is in the process of launching a fresh product line and changing the brand image. New items are being introduced at

So far, the line consists of three mascaras defined by brush type: Curvy, Fat and Skinny. They also have Skinny traditional and liquid liners. 

I will say I am curvy, but in a different way.  Love the look of the curvy brush!

While the new Eyeko is focused on eye defining products, I hope they return to offering lip products in their range. Eyeko recently sent me London Lips Lip Gloss in Knightsbridge as an Ambassador gift. This product is part of the vintage eyeko line. Currently, Eyeko is offering vintage surprise gift sets in their sale section. 

The London Lips Lip Gloss is a sweet little product that offers a glossy shine. My lips feel instantly moisturized. London Lips goes on slick and then softens into the skin. A few minutes after application, I hardly notice that I'm wearing gloss at all. It has a fruity scent blend that first makes me think of strawberries. I detect a little white grape in the mix as well. Quite delectable! 

I wouldn't hesitate to purchase another shade if they turn up on their sales page. 

What do you ladies think of the new Eyeko brand image? The Curvy Brush Mascara looks interesting to me.  The pink Eyeko crest design makes me think of a fancy guitar pick. I clearly have spent a good deal of time around musicians! The new products seem like quality eye makeup basics, but I really want to see an expanded line with all the flair and charm we have come to expect from Eyeko.

London Lips Lip Gloss in Knightsbridge was sent to me for review. If you decide to do any shopping on the newly launched, feel free to use my ambassador code for a free gift: E11321.

Happy painting, ladies!


  1. I like the new images on the product. I love anything with British images. Pretty lip gloss. Makes your lips look very moist. I have tons of lip gloss. The gloss would have to be very special in order for me to buy them. They are tempting!

  2. I don't know how I feel about their tube mascara design, after all, squeeze out a mascara? What?.. Nevermind. I just don't get it :)
    Anyway, I highly recommend the curvy brush (oh yeah I'm a curvy type too.). I have the Rimmel Sexy Curves Mascara and it's my favourite (just as the much loved by everyone "The Colossal" by Maybelline. They deliver different looks and I love them both), makes my lashes look GREAT. And separates good, too.

    Wow, the lipgloss looks so seductive on you. I might wanna try this baby out.

  3. I'd be interested to try a soft tube mascara.

  4. Lucy: I like the British aesthetic as well! I know what you mean about having a lip gloss collection! I wear gloss every day, so I love the variety. I hope Eyeko continues making lip products. <3

    Daria: I wonder if the tube allows for more product to stick to the brush. We are both curvy lash lovers! <3

    Kimberly: I am really curious about mascara in a tube. Looks interesting :)


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