Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Fluorite strands: Color Club Earthy Angel and Voodoo You Do

Hello ladies,

One of the thoughts that continually possesses me is the idea of creating the look of jewelry for my nails. Today's manicure is my interpretation of a fluorite crystal strand. I've seen tiny faceted beads arranged in color formation from green to purple. Such delicate and eye catching necklaces!

I began with Earthy Angel as the base shade. With a size 0 sable brush, I drew an outline for the funky French with Voodoo You Do. I carefully painted the tips with vertical brushstrokes to best show the pearl finish. Using an Art Club striper in Limeade, I formed two thin lines at the border of the beige and green polishes. 

I added a square crystal to the center of each stripe in alternating purple and green tones. Filling in the remainder of the line with emerald, peridot, purple, pink and lavender jewels and pearls, I arranged the greens and purples to flow into each other. 

A giant dahlia
Earthy Angel applied beautifully. Though I needed three coats for full opacity, the color glided on with professional ease. I'm impressed with the formula of the cremes in back to Boho. I wore Earthy Angel for a day without ornamentation and I didn't even need to do clean up before heading out the door. Perfect!

I hope you enjoyed today's bejeweled look. Have any of you worn fluorite? Such a pretty stone! 

The polishes featured were sent to me for review. The Back to Boho Collection will be available for purchase soon at victoriasnailsupply.com. You can explore the full range of products at cosmeticgroup.com

Happy painting, ladies!


  1. Wow absolutely gorgeous. I need to get Earthy Angel!

    Loving your ring btw.

  2. Love the base shade Earth Angel. Vodoo You Do is a tremendous shade. Really a nice collection. Love the jewels!

  3. Voodoo You Do is such a gorgeous color. I have some fluorite strands, I should wear more often,they're supposed to promote clear thinking.

  4. I love long nails! I always want to grow my nails long, but they don't look right on my....

  5. Wow!!
    I love this mani!!

  6. Such a great manicure! Looks great. So creative!

  7. Amazing nails!:) You have a great imagination!:)

  8. It does look like you have rings on your nail tips. Gorgeous color schemes too.

  9. I like this look. Maybe I'll try it with different shades though. I've never been a huge fan of more earthy shades on me for some reason. Pretty!

  10. Wow! Voodoo You Do is really a great nail polish :) Love the manicure ^__^


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