Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Hard Candy: Fox in a Box Bronzer Duo in Truth or Dare

Hello ladies,

I tend to wear bronzer and blush most often as the weather transitions into autumn. Even though my skin is porcelain, there is a warmth about my cheeks that summer imbues naturally and cosmetics can help perpetuate. In the season of capelets and fingerless gloves, Hard Candy Fox in a Box Bronzing Duo is helping to keep the glow of summer on my face. 

Truth or Dare

Swatched heavily, applied dry over Hard Candy primer

I really enjoy Hard Candy's bronzing products. Ladies with fair complexions can gain extra flush and color in their cheeks without the skin appearing overly made up. With less sparkle than So Baked Bronzer,  Fox in a Box provides the most natural look.

The tiny brush is useful if you want to apply only one of the colors. I prefer to mix the bronzer and the blush together with a large, soft brush from my collection. A light application can highlight the apples of the cheeks. When brushed on a little heavier, Truth or Dare can make a defining contour for fair skin.

Many ladies avoid bronzer because they are afraid of making application errors. Fox in a Box is virtually fool proof. The duo is pigmented enough that a gentle sweep across the cheeks and a touch on the forehead and chin will provide suitable coverage. If you feel comfortable enough to use a little more product for contouring, the color builds well.

The packaging is absolutely adorable and gift worthy! The decorative cardboard box is perfect to sit on a vanity or keep in a basket or display shelf in the bathroom. I am really charmed by the Hard Candy aesthetic. As I apply makeup every day, it's nice to have pretty packaging to reach for as part of the routine.

I definitely recommend Fox in a Box as an easy way to add a bit of color to the face and decollete year round.

Fox in a Box was sent to me for review. Visit to view the full product line. Stop by a Walmart retail location or shop on-line at Fox in a Box sells for $6.00.

Happy painting, ladies!


  1. a-la-benfit packing...? this looks gorgeous!=D

  2. Wow this is beautiful. And for 6 bucks I'll be passing on benefits box. I bet you get more product in the hard candy box too?

  3. I love the name 'Fox in a Box.' The shades are very doable.

  4. Shades are great. AND great packaging of the product!

  5. would this be similar to Benefit "10" which is a combo of "hoola" and "dandelion"?

  6. terry: Fox in a Box does remind me of the Benefit packaging. It's a little racier though with the fishnet. ;)

    Krissy: The Bronzer Duo is full size. It's a great value!

    Kimberly: You crack me up! xoxo!

    imfeelingnail-venturous: Hard Candy makes my favorite bronzers!

    Beata: It's definitely a similar idea. The Benefit bronzer is a little too dark for me. I've tested it a few times in Sephora. Hard Candy goes on a little lighter, but the color builds well. :)

    Alice: Me too! I often reach for their products because they are fun to apply.

  7. Love the box & the shades within. I just started wearing bronzer this year. I just never got the hang of applying it correctly. I think maybe the shade was just too dark. I've been using a bronzer by Mally & I love the stuff!

  8. Ooooh I'd love to see what they look like swirled together, I can only imagine how beautiful it would be based on the separate swatches :)


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