Thursday, September 15, 2011

Hard Candy Undercover Agent Undereye Brightener and Concealer Duo

Hello ladies,

As a night owl and perpetual insomniac, I am always eager to try a new concealer. Hard Candy Undercover Agent presents a dual approach to imbuing the eyes with a well rested look. The product offers an undereye brightener and concealer in one sleek package. 

The brightener is in the tube. The concealer stick is in the lid. 

The first step in using Undercover Agent is to apply the brightener, a semi sheer white gel that blends easily into the skin. With the description undereye brightener, I was anticipating a touch of pearly shimmer found in a highlighting facial product. I didn't detect any illuminating properties in this brightener. The gel functions as a treatment to remove puffiness and help eyes look refreshed. It also acts as a fantastic primer for the concealer in the cap or whatever concealer you choose. The brightener is the real strength of the duo.

What makes the packaging design compact and visually appealing can present some difficulties for use. The concealer portion is contained in the cap. I advise navigating application using the following method: Unscrew the cap from the tube, remove the clear lid and pat the concealer stick under the eye. Blend the color with your fingers.

Undercover Agent is available in three shades: Light, Medium and Tan. I tested the light tone and found it perfect for porcelain skin. It offers just the right balance between being light enough to camouflage dark circles, but without being so white as to create pale moons under the eyes.

The concealer provides medium coverage. The width of the concealer stick is well designed for the the undereye area. I do wish the packaging allowed for a little more product than what the lid can hold. The consistency of the concealer is on the thicker side. Dry skin will definitely require the brighter as a first layer to help the concealer smooth into the skin.

It's necessary to start with a moderate amount to avoid the concealer settling into the lines around the eyes. While it can be easy to get carried away when concealer is in a stick form, Undercover Agent requires a light hand. I think this product would be best for use to cover dark circles rather than fine lines. I would recommend the concealer portion more for young skin. For ladies with mature skin who are looking to camouflage fine lines, I feel the brightener would be useful as a first layer under your regular concealer.

Undercover Agent is an interesting concept. Although a little tricky to work with, the concealer does help hide my tendency to keep late hours. I absolutely love the brightener as a daytime treatment and primer.

Hard Candy Undercover Agent was sent to me for review. For more information about the full line of products, stop by This item can be purchased at Walmart retail locations and at The retail price is $6.00.

Happy painting, ladies!


  1. This looks good, and I love hard candy they are so affordable

  2. To be honest, I'm sold based on that packaging. For some reason I'm drawn to tubes with a little ball or stick of concealer/balm/cheek stain in the lid. :D


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