Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Painted Lady Fingers featured in Nails Magazine October 2011

Hello ladies,

In the October 2011 issue of Nails Magazine, there is a blogger positive feature entitled 
5 Nail Art Blogs Worth Bookmarking. The article is on page 89 in the Style section. Painted Lady Fingers is mentioned along with For Your Nails Only, Hey, Nice Nails and Burgers and Nails. They also provide information about 365 Days of Nail Art, a daily design showcase from Nails Magazine. 

You can click on the main blog links above to scroll to the original content. My screen shot was from an August post with Dr.'s REMEDY polish in TRANQUIL Tangerine. Below is an image of the feature.

Here is the text as it appears in the article.

More than 2,000 followers can't be wrong. This Philadelphia-based lady has a penchant for glitter and Konad nail art stamps. Enlarge any of her photos with a click of the mouse.  

A special thanks to Nails Magazine for mentioning painted Lady fingers! It was lovely to be included with blogs I read regularly (For Your Nails Only, 365 Days of Nail Art) and to be introduced to new to me blogs. I am curious to see if Burgers and Nails would accept a veggie burger photo. 

My appreciation to Mary from Body and Soul Beauty for letting me know about the feature when her issue first arrived. Thanks also to my friend who Drew who made good use of his office hours by scanning the image for all the nail art loving ladies! 

Copies of the October 2011 issue were provided by Nails Magazine

Happy painting, ladies! 


  1. how cool is that! :D congratulations!

  2. Melanie: Thanks so much!

    peripatetic33: Thanks, dear!

    Kimberly: Thanks a bunch! :)

  3. congrats!! :)

  4. You deserve to be a feature! You do the most beautiful nails. Congratulations to you sweetie.

  5. Wow!! Congratulations!! u certainly deserve it!!

  6. OMG! Congrats! That is awesome!

  7. MissMidnightBlue: Thanks, sweetie. <3

    Lucy: Thank you for all your support! You're an amazing woman! xoxo!

    Biba: Thanks so much! <3

    Kejal: I appreciate your kind words! Thanks! :)

    imfeelingnail-venturous: Thanks so much! I'm really excited!


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