Sunday, September 4, 2011

Soap & Glory: Sexy Mother Pucker Lip Gloss in Half Naked

Hello ladies,

I have been experimenting with a lip plumping gloss from Soap & Glory, charmingly named Sexy Mother Pucker. The gloss provides a subtle increase in fullness, offers a buttery taste and clings to the lips for hours. 
Sexy Mother Pucker in Half Naked

Sexy Mother Plumper is available in five shades, each with a distinct flavor: Clear (Chocolate/Orange), Half Naked (Buttered Popcorn), Pink Apricot (Chocolate Orange), Yummy Plum (Chocolate Raspberry) and Candy Gloss (Vanilla). I have been wearing Half Naked all summer and admittedly thought it was peanut butter scented until I did a little product research. The scent and taste is certainly gourmand. Although I didn't get transported to movie theater concessions, once I became accustomed to the strong, buttery taste, I enjoyed it. 

The glosses are formulated with circulation enhancing components, Soap & Glory refers to as Superfill technology. While my lips are naturally on the full side, I didn't notice a drastic improvement on my first trial. I decided to experiment by applying Sexy Mother Pucker to half my mouth, top and bottom lips. I definitely could see the difference in fullness from the bare side to the side with Half Naked, especially towards the center of my lips. The plumping is natural looking. I will venture ladies with thinner lips would notice the enhancement right away. 

The consistency of Sexy Mother Pucker is sticky. It adheres more like a lipstick than a gloss. I love that it stays on for hours! Another benefit it is works well as a base color to overlay sheer glosses. I frequently apply MAC lipglass as a glittery topping. Half Naked is a medium pinkish brown nude. I found that pale pink and violet glosses work beautifully in pairing. My skin tone is neutral. I could see Half Naked working for a variety of skin tones. A useful chameleon, the color coordinates equally well with cool or warm tone outfits. 

Application comes with a mild stinging, almost like tiny pin pricks. I wouldn't call the sensation painful, but perhaps a little distracting. The doe foot applicator delivers color with precision. I would advise against applying Sexy Mother Pucker before drinking a hot beverage. If you are going to pick up a steaming to go coffee, at the cafe two steps from your apartment (en route to a sexy destination) please refrain from drinking it for about 10 minutes. If you are at a diner and you put on the gloss and then decide to have a quick sip of your coffee before exiting, please change your mind. Hot drinks and Sexy Mother Pucker can mix, just not immediately. Otherwise, the idea of bee stung lips feels quite literal. 

The advertising hook on the packaging has a retro vibe as well: Scientists Confirm. Fuller Lips Attract More Men. I really enjoy the Soap & Glory aesthetic. It's hard not to be enchanted by all the glamorous ladies on the packaging.  

If you are searching for a playful new addition to your makeup bag, check out Soap & Glory's Sexy Mother Pucker. I must admit it's fun to apply in public. 

Sexy Mother Pucker came to me via a friend who works for a local stock photo company that handles retro images. This gloss is available for purchase at for $15. You can also explore the brand at


  1. I have always wanted to try lip plumping products, but never have.

  2. Great tips on using this product. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Sarah: I think lip plumpers are fun for the novelty. They give a little pick me up to the basic beauty routine.

    Biba: Thanks so much! I'll be showing more gloss next week. <3

    Kimberly: Happy to! Thanks for stopping by, my dear! xoxo


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