Thursday, September 22, 2011

Verdant Moon: Color Club Artsy Crafty & Perfect Mol-ten

Hello ladies,

I decided to create cosmic nail art with verdant moons and stars. I think this manicure would be the ideal adornment for a celestial fete! This look is part costume ball, part science fiction.

Beginning with Artsy Crafty, a deep moss green, as the base, I painted the moons in Perfect Mol-ten, a pale green foil. I worked with size 0 sable brush from the art supply store. To create symmetrical moons, I formed a dot in the center of my cuticle line and then added two small dots to denote the ends of the crescent. I painted a 'C' and enlarged the shape into a crescent moon.

Although the design is simple, achieving a defined crescent takes a small brush and patience. If you decide to try this look, focus on keeping the end points of the crescent narrow. I filled in the center of the moon with emerald and peridot gems and stars, along with soft green pearls.

Fingerless gloves from Art by Sarada

The last photo shows one of the fingerless gloves made for me by Sarada as a birthday present. I love the ruffled cuff! Enlarge the picture to show the metallic silver threaded in the yarn. So lovely! 

I adore Artsy Crafty! This polish reminds me of the green in moss agate, one of my favorite colors in the natural world. The application is clean and professional. I used three coats for opacity, but two would likely suffice for ladies with active length nails. A truly beautiful creme polish and a must have for green lovers.

Working with Perfect Mol-ten has incited many ideas for future manicures with other shades from the new Color Club Foiled Collection! The formula is great for color blocking.

I hope you enjoyed my fantasy manicure with green moons and stars. I hope whatever life there is on other planets turns out to be well adorned. 

Artsy Crafty and Perfect Mol-ten were sent to me for review. These shades can be purchased from Visit to learn more about the Color Club brand. 

Happy painting, ladies! 


  1. I absolutely love this! It is definitely one of my very favorites out of all the manis you've done Diana! :)

  2. WOW! I always adore your post!

  3. Beautiful! Those flowers are gorgeous too. I'm jealous of them lol

  4. This is absolutely gorgeous! You did such a good job, it really is art. :)

  5. You work this green so well! I totally love it! I am always a little sceptical about alot of rhinestones, but this is exactly how it should be! I can't wait to see more creations with rhinestones from you! It's beautiful to see and it is a very good example for me to try new things out without messing my whole manicure up. Thanks! :)

  6. This manicure looks so beautiful was always. Wish I had just as much inspiration to do manicures as you do. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous.

  7. This mani is perfect!!
    I love it very much!!!

  8. Oh my ! That is amazing !
    I will definitely someday try this out !

  9. Happy Mabon!!!

    This look is going to be one of my favorites. Celestial looks seem so relaxing and calm.

    Can you tell me what is the flower that is next to the one with the gloves (which by the way are super darling!!)?

  10. This is so celestial and perfect, Diana. I just LOVE it. And then you used my favorite colours, too. This is definitely one of my favorites that you have done, although I love all of your work.

  11. This is insanely gorgeous!! Great job honey!

  12. One word - Cosmic
    That glorious flower could be a spaceship. I love Sarada's crochet work. I still rock my hats. The solar system is on your nails!

  13. Those gloves are sooo you! Adorable. Love this manicure. Greens are my favorite and so are moons & stars. All those lovely jewels. Perfectly lovely.

  14. *squeals* this reminds me of Sailor Jupiter ^__^

  15. Wow, this is amazing. This mani of yours will stick out for a very long time to me.


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