Saturday, October 1, 2011

Born Pretty Store: Hello Kitty Nail Art Decal Stickers and 3D Flowers

Hello ladies,

When I was a little girl, I would visit the Hello Kitty store in the mall with my grandmother and come away with a little trinket. Even now, as an adult, seeing Hello Kitty brings instant delight to my day.  I'm excited to share my experience with the Hello Kitty Nail Art Decals from Born Pretty Store. These are sturdy, professional grade decals that lay flat and adhere well. Most importantly, they are adorable!

I also had the opportunity to try the 3D Pale Orange Flowers. These can be implemented to create a dramatic focal point in an elegant manicure. For those ladies who enjoy decorating tech items like cell phones and ipod cases, these flowers could certainly be used for such artistic endeavors. 

Four cute designs, one sheet per package.

10 packages of Hello Kitty Nail Art Decals

3D Pale Orange Flowers

The Hello Kitty decals are sold in sets of 10. Each sleeve contains one sheet. I was amazed at the quantity offered for a little over $5 USD. I gave away several packages to eager friends. These would definitely be worth purchasing for holiday gifts.

Although these decals are slightly thicker than the usual drugstore variety, they conform beautifully to the nail. I used tweezers to apply them over dry polish.

I had no problem sealing them with top coat. The decals are completely colorfast and presented no issues of smearing or fading. There is a coating of fine glitter atop each decal that adds iridescent sparkle. Here is a post that showcases the Hello Kitty decals on my nails.

The 3D flowers are made from a sturdy resin. These will sit up high on the nail and will not conform to the nail shape. I think they would be best suited to decorate one or two nails on each hand. You will need to use nail glue for proper adhesion. I also layered a nail art sealer topcoat from Art Club across the top of the flower to provide extra security for the center rhinestone and sprinkling of glitter.

Even if your nail beds are curved, you can still work with the 3D flowers. A sealer topcoat will fill in any gaps along the sides and the nail glue will hold the flower in place for days. The flowers did not come off until I used the foil method and 100% acetone for removal. The foil method involves soaking a piece of white felt or cotton in acetone and wrapping a piece of tinfoil around the nail for about 5 minutes or until nail polish/glue dissolves.

The 3D flowers can be reusable. I would advise against prying the flowers off the nail. When removed with care, there should not be any damage to your nail beds.

For an example of the flowers on the nail, you can view my Sunlit Blossoms manicure. I am really interested in trying more of the 3D embellishments from Born Pretty Store. They make striking centerpieces for any formal nail look.

I really enjoyed working with the Hello Kitty Decals and 3D Pale Orange Flowers. Are you ladies interested in trying either of these items or is there something else from Born Pretty Store that is tempting you?

The Hello Kitty Nail Art Decals (item #1109) and the 3D Pale Orange Flowers (item #1397) were sent to me for review. These are available for purchase at Through October 31st, you can use the code PLFK31 for 10% off your order.

Happy painting, ladies!


  1. I love the hk decals they are so cute!( I also remember going to the hello kitty store as a little girl and getting something small and special! )And I think that's a really good deal! I definitely will be purchasing some, nice review.

  2. as for flowers . i can sggest - take a grind paper ( not sure how its called in english - paper that is used to file wood etc) put it around pen and file backing of flower till you get curve thats nice enough to fit your nail curve . its easy to do , and then decoration fits good . i do that with platic bows and flowers from ebay . hope it makes sense :)

  3. Those decals are adorable. I can remember a card store in the Mall that had loads of Hello Kitty products. I wanted to buy some but felt I was way to old for them. That was a long time ago! I can just admire them on others. The flowers are cute. They wouldn't last long on me. I'm always banging my hands or nails.

  4. SO cute!Hello Kitty is my favourite!


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