Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Diamond Cosmetics Fall Collection 2011 Preview (tell me your picks)

Hello ladies,

I am greatly anticipating the arrival of the Diamond Cosmetics Fall Collection. From the color dots, these shades appear to be a grouping of shimmer and pearl formulas.

Head over Teals, Plum-crazy for You and Love Letter are intriguing me the most. I am curious about Whisper Softly. I wonder if this shade will be similar to Seafoam Spray, one of my favorites.  

With so many other brands releasing cremes for fall, it's refreshing to see an entire grouping with sparkle. What do you ladies think of these shades? Do you have any early favorites from this collection?

There is also a Halloween special with four glow in the dark glitter toppings plus a bottle of white to use as a base. These would be nice to hand out to your favorite Trick-or-Treaters. When I was a girl, my neighbor always had a tiny bottle of perfume or a sweet lip gloss to go in with my candy. I could understand how these polishes could be difficult to give away!

The Fall Colletion and Halloween Special are currently available at diamondcosmetics.com. International residents should keep an eye on boozyshop.nl for purchasing.

Happy painting, ladies!


  1. I want many of those, love letter, plum crazy, falling in love for sure!

  2. Five polishes are seriously only $12? Wow. I wonder if they each glow the color that they are??

  3. I like plum-crazy for you, love letter, and falling in love :)

    the brown is nice cause you could do some kind of design with the gold on top of the brown :)

    i also like ALL of the glow in the darks!! (i'm going to ask my mom if i can get them :))

  4. I would love to see Head over Teals,Plum-Crazy for YOU,and Whisper Softly.

  5. Head Over Teals is my favorite. I LOVE the look of that shade!

  6. Whisper Softly looks really pretty. Hard to tell from the little dots.


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