Saturday, October 1, 2011

Hello Kitty!: Color Club Nomadic in Nude & Foil Me Once

Hello ladies,

I decided to create a manicure devoted to perhaps the world's most popular feline: Hello Kitty. This is a playful and girly look. I wanted to put together an all over nail design that resembles wallpaper with our most beloved kitty aesthetic.

Beginning with Nomadic in Nude as the base, I used a size zero sable brush from the art supply store to paint the pink diagonal stripe. I sealed Nomadic in Nude with quick dry topcoat before creating the line with Foil Me Once. As the Foiled Collection polishes dry fast on their own, I was able to apply the Hello Kitty decals after striping all ten nails.

I used tweezers to position the decals. Since the adhesive is strong, I would advise planning your manicure before adding the Hello Kitty decoration. I secured pink and translucent gems, hearts, and bows along with pearls to embellish the diagonal lines of color.  

A friendly bee

I have worn Nomadic in Nude on four different occasions since the Back to Boho Collection arrived last month. The polish is a very pale beige with a grey undertone. Ladies with porcelain skin will find this shade in the range of a mannequin hands color, with the grey tint keeping it from being a true flesh tone (unless you are a zombie). 

In over two years of blogging, Nomadic in Nude has been one of the most remarked upon shades when I have been out enjoying the day. Application was perfect. If you are looking for a fashion forward neutral, I highly recommend Nomadic in Nude. 

I hope you enjoyed my Hello Kitty nail art and the sweet design brough some cheer to your day!

The products featured in this post were sent to me for review. The Color Club Back to Boho and Foiled Collections are available for purchase at You can visit the company site at

Happy painting, ladies! 


  1. What a pretty ornate mani!I can't wait to meet Mermaid kitty!

  2. Great colour combination and super cute decorations! :3

  3. OMG that is way too cute!! Love it!

  4. Wow, I love the design you came up with!

  5. this is such a pretty Hello Kitty manicure. So pink and girlie and sparkly. :D

  6. SO CUUUUUUTE! ^__^ It reminds me of ice cream for some reason....Hello Kitty ice cream!

  7. Super cute mani :D I love Hello Kitty! :D Loving the color combo as well :)

  8. Aww, cute! So girly - perfect for Hello Kitty!

  9. OMG!! so cuuuuutee!!♥♥ love kitty^^

  10. OMG this is perfect!!
    I love this mani so much!!

  11. OH wow! I just LOVE your photos!

  12. those are so cute!! Hello Kitty has always been a personal favorite of mine!!

  13. thalie: Thank you, dear! Keep an eye out for my little Mermaid this week. <3

    Lumi: Thanks! My friend Laura, who is a painter, tried her Hello Kitty decals over a medium taupe and it looked lovely. I decided to try a lighter beige/grey. Always fun to experiment with color!

    Krissy: Thanks so much! Hello Kitty is the cutest! <3

  14. starification: Thank you! It's a good manicure for kitty lovers like us!

    Ice Queen: Thanks! I wanted to be sure Hello Kitty had a pink and girly background from which to present herself. ;)

    Silhouette Screams: Thank you! If Hello Kitty ice cream does not yet exist, it should indeed! <3

  15. Enamel Girl: Thank you, kindly. :)

    Elena : Thanks so much! I love Hello Kitty too. :)

    rijaH: Thanks, dear! It was fun trying pink with a neutral. So glad you like the look. <3

    Kayono: Thank you! I am glad I could create a suitable habitat for Hello Kitty. She demands pink! ;)

  16. Siria: Thank you! Hello Kitty inspires cuteness. Love her!

    Nailderella: *curtseys*

    rock-or-not: Thanks so much! I am glad I was able to create a fitting look for Hello Kitty. :)

    imfeelingnail-venturous: Thank you! I took these photos very early in the morning. I may have still been dreaming. ;)

  17. Miss Emily K: Thank you! I adore Hello Kitty too! So sweet!

    Keslynn: Ah, yes! Another one of my work appropriate manicures. ;)

    Kimberly: "Hello Kitty forever!" is my battlecry.

  18. That's a spectacular girly manicure. It did put a smile on my face. I'm a bit sad that all those beautiful flowers will be gone soon. I'm also happy that all the Fall flowers are out.

  19. Your comment on YGN brought me here and thank God it did because I love Hello Kitty <3


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