Sunday, November 13, 2011

Health and Whimsy: Fit with Friends

Hello ladies,

This was a social week in fitness as my neighbor Cate and her dog Sophie accompanied me for several walks along the river path. With Sophie in the lead, we were able to extend our walk to the four mile (6.4 K) mark four out of six days. The time certainly goes faster while chatting with a friend as a joyful dog urges us on. Sophie will actually turn her head to check on us as we walk up the hill near the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

I offered to take Sophie for her mid-afternoon stroll around the neighborhood on Monday, when Cate had afternoon meetings across town. Sophie recognizes me as her companion for long walks. The second we touched foot and paw to pavement, she pulled in the direction of the river path and did not slow down for blocks. She made clear she was going to be my personal trainer for the day.

Meet Sophie, my personal trainer. 

She is modeling the latest in fitness fashion.  

Sophie initiates a lead by example approach. 

She's a trailblazer!

While the scale didn't show any losses this past week, my exercise clothes were loose enough to necessitate a shopping trip. I can wave goodbye to anything in XL unless I am looking to purchase something oversize for layering. Because of the change in how my clothes fit, I feel pretty confident that I increased muscle. 

I also had a companion for clothes shopping. My friend Laura and I met at Old Navy last night and I was able to find two pairs of pants, a graphic tee with a songbird, and a tonal grey, leaf patterned hoodie. With a little searching, there are exercise clothes to be found that are cute and affordable. I definitely recommend bringing a fashion conscious friend along to help build a look. 

Behaviors that helped this week:
  • Involving human and animal companions in fitness. If you don't have a dog, I recommend borrowing one for long walks. 
  • Shopping for exercise attire with a stylish friend. Clothes for fitness can be a little lackluster. A friend with a good eye can help you find things in different departments/stores for a pulled together look.  
  • Maintaining a positive attitude towards body image. Beginning a new health and fitness program can put you in touch with people who are not able to adopt a healthy mindset at this time. I have decided not to engage with such people. 
  • Planning ahead for meals out. I packed a lunch for work on Saturday. Laura and I were meeting to shop in an area with a concentration of fast food places. We decided ahead of time to visit Maoz Vegetarian for falafel. 
  • Picking up a couple of fitness magazines at the bookstore. It's nice to be inspired and also to see that I am already engaging in many recommended behaviors. 
  • Shifting my sleep schedule. I purchased an extra loud alarm clock from Timex. I could sooner sleep through a mallet to the head. 
  • Going to the movies. I have friends at two local theaters. It's 42 blocks round trip. Watching three films this week added incidental exercise. 

Goals for next week: 
  • Walk four miles (6.4 K) on 6 days.
  • Write in a journal a few days this week.
  • Create a positive focus for my walk each day. 
How has your week been? Have your friends (in person or on-line) motivated you this week? 

*Health and Whimsy is designed to be a journal of my personal experience. Please consult a medical professional before making changes to your health plan. 

Happy painting. ladies!


  1. Just remember, if you gain muscle the scale may not change! I can bet you any money you definitely gained muscle.

    The dog is so adorable! So glad you found a walking companion!

    Good luck with everything!

  2. Nail Designs xox: Thanks so much for your encouragement! I'm not too worried about the scale. I'm mostly just excited to see a change in how my clothes are fitting. I had a nice time this week too. Sophie is a real sweetheart. <3

  3. Could you just imagine if Max walked with you? He could wear a sheepskin coat and everyone would say "Hey you are a wolf in sheep's clothing." Seriously, I'm impressed with the distance. Yikes. Maybe I could canoe as far as you walk (with a motor). Keep on truckin' and Sophie seems quite lovable.

  4. Claire: Oh, the puns! I could take Max out for a walk when I am at your place next time. I walk from Center City to the bridge that is across the river from the zoo. It's a little past Boathouse Row. I do a lot of walking on the day to day downtown. This is just faster and in a block of time. It seems like a lot, but I am used to it. Maybe in the Spring I could learn to kayak near your house. Can you imagine?

  5. You do have an adorable companion for your walks. You did great this past week. It's wonderful when you feel the difference in your clothing. I lost 5lbs this past week. I was going to the doctor & put on a corduroy jacket that I wore in the chillier months. It fit on top but was tighter on the bottom. I finally was able to button the bottom button this year. Well today I was able to bring the fabric over past the buttons! It fits so much better. The doctor was pleased with my weight loss. My blood pressure was 120/80 so that was good also. Keep us the good work sweetie.

  6. Not only is your personal trainer cute but she seems to enjoy your company as well. :)

    You are doing all the good things! I wish I could go on those walks with you as I think they would be just divine. I have always said that I don't care how much I weigh, as long as I can fit comfortably in a size 12, I'm pretty good. :)

    You are to be congratulated on your good record so far.

  7. Lucy: Congratulations on your weight loss and great check up. It's nice to see the medical stats in line with your efforts. The sense of favorite clothes fitting comfortably is a great feeling as well. <3

  8. Kimberly: Sophie is a doll. She's very smart and has so much energy! A great little motivator!

    My winter coat is a size 12. It's a little snug at the bust at the moment, but still very much wearable. I think by (or even a little before) the holidays it should be a perfect fit. :)

    You have had such a great week with your running! Really commendable. Thanks for all your support. <3


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