Sunday, December 18, 2011

Health and Whimsy: Staying well and merry!

Hello ladies,

I spent part of this past week fending off a cold. Thankfully my regimen of oscillococcinum (homeopathic), echinacea (herbal capsules) and Vitamin C (EmergenC brand powder), clementines and many pots of loose leaf, black tea kept sickness from progressing. I felt tired for a few days, but didn't have to endure any other cold symptoms. Since I am vigilant about employing natural therapies at the first sign of illness, it's rare for me to fully succumb to cold or flu. On average, I get sick once or twice a year.

By rearranging the order of the program, I was able to complete all six P90X workout DVDs. I did the yoga routine midweek when I had the least energy. As long as I'm not on bed rest, I think gathering the energy to stretch is possible.

The sunflower stands tall. 

One of the benefits of doing a program that is more weight and resistance training than cardio is the body tones as it slims. While I didn't lose weight this week, I look like I did! I have visible biceps after two weeks of starting P90X and my waist is trimmer. I am happy to be building muscle, gaining strength and for my clothes to fit a little looser.

Behaviors that helped this week:
  • Listening to my body. I took care of myself the second I was starting to feel run down and managed to stave off illness. 
  • Accomplishing what I could. While it would have been easier to skip a day or two, choosing a lighter routine when my body was tired helped me to stay focused and in turn served to energize me.
  •  Grabbing a chair! My friend David changed the seating in his cafe and I was able to claim a simple, sturdy chair for tricep dips and raised leg lunges. 
  • Reading fitness magazines regularly. My favorites include Health, Women's Health, Fitness and Shape. Self Magazine is good for a fashion/fitness combo. Having these on hand is useful for tips and ideas. A stack of fitness magazines can serve as visual reminder of health and exercise goals. 
Goals for next week:
  • Keep portions under control. There's nothing wrong with having a treat during the holiday, but I intend to keep my focus during the week and not indulge leading up to the weekend. 
  • Sticking to my workout routine. I am already scheduling exercise around work and holiday related errands. 
How was your past week? Do you have a game plan for healthy eating and fitness over the holiday? 

Health and Whimsy is intended to be a journal of my personal experience. Please consult your doctor before making changes to your health regimen. 

Happy painting, ladies!


  1. Good job even with nipping a cold in the bud. It is fun and interesting to read your journal/journey for a healthy lifestyle. I'm joining you (better eating habits) next month. Please continue to inspire me. :D

  2. Nice to see a sunflower! I need some brightness in my day. Sorry you were feeling bad. You do so well with your health. There are weeks where you'll lose inches & now weight. The hard part will be when the weather gets even colder. I guess you'll rely on your DVD's. I gained 2lbs this past week. Too many treats I guess. I have to be more careful.

  3. Kimberly: Thanks! Will you be writing health/fitness posts in the new year? I recommend doing a Twitter food diary if you are into it. I was surprised how many people were interested. It helped to keep me on track too! I really appreciate that you stop by and share your experiences here too! :)

    Lucy: Thanks so much! I keep finding flowers in iPhoto I haven't posted. It's a nice treat in winter. Don't worry about little fluctuations around the holidays. You've got a good handle on things. :)


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