Etsy Sellers/Crafters Promotion

I am a lover of all things handmade. If you would like to submit a beauty product or a jewelry/accessories item for review and/or a giveaway at painted Lady fingers, please contact Diana via e-mail: berkana[at]fastmail[dot]fm. If you create another type of item you believe would be of interest to readers of painted Lady fingers, I am open to suggestion. The item or items submitted should be of approximate value of $25 minimum.

I would be happy to do a feature about your shop or interview to go along with a giveaway. Here are examples of some recent interviews:

Cats, owls and tea: A conversation with Sarada
Skulls and roses: A conversation with SerendipityLicious

To participate in a giveaway, I would need an item to review and photograph. Ideally, this would be a piece (or product) you could reproduce (as closely as handmade creations will allow) for the winner. In most instances, the artist/crafter would be responsible to mail the prize to the winner. There are cases where I am happy to do the mailing.

The item or items submitted will likely be part of a larger giveaway with nail polish and other beauty products as part of a gift pack. The interview/feature is separate from the giveaway post.

I also have a link list for participants. I am happy to keep an active link to your etsy/artfire shop as a continued part of painted Lady fingers. I want readers to be able to find your shop easily after the giveaway is over.

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