The frequently asked questions page will be evolving as new queries are introduced.

Why hasn't my comment been posted?
For your comment to be deleted by a blog administrator, it would likely contain inappropriate content. If that's not the case, then I genuinely didn't receive it.

Examples of inappropriate content include:
-profanity intending to be offensive as opposed to descriptive.
-anything intending to be derogatory, defamatory or cruel. Differences of opinion are welcome, but please be courteous.
-content that is best suited for a personal e-mail.*
  Examples include:
  -requests to be added to the blogroll at painted Lady fingers.
  -mention of your giveaway or blog event.
  -a request to check out a new blog.
  -a question about when a giveaway drawing will occur.
-any type of link spam.
   Examples include:
   -links to blogs as a 'signature'.
   -unrelated links to other blog posts
   -unrelated links to businesses as advertisement

Please do not use the comment section to advertise your blog or business.

*I am happy to address requests in a back of house fashion. I truly appreciate your comments, but please confine your comments to the subject of the post.

Are your nails natural?

How often do you file your nails? What techniques do you use for filing? 
Once a week on average. I do light filing in one direction with a 180 grit file. Then I run a smooth buffer over the free edge to seal the nail. Doing this every time you file will help prevent peeling. If you have a buffing block, the side marked smooth will work for this purpose. The type of buffer I use feels soft, kind of like foam.

I recommend using a 180 grit file or higher. These are labeled at the beauty supply store. Crystal or glass files are wonderful tools. I don't use them because I file my nails over the sink and I drop my file on occasion. Stay away from emery boards and metal files. They cause damage to the the nail plates which can result in peeling and breakage.

Are you a professional manicurist?
No. I do have two people in my life who are licensed salon professionals. They both have been very generous with sharing information about quality products and nail care. I am happy to convey what I have learned through their help and from personal experience.

How do you keep your nails so long?!
A combination of nutrition, products and genetics.

The biggest component in maintaining nail length is consuming protein from various sources. I'm an ovo-lacto vegetarian. For me that means, I eat eggs, yoghurt, soy products/tofu, cheese, tempeh, seitan, beans and nuts. I enjoy a variety of these foods every day.

To see what products I use, click on the apothecary label in the sidebar. Two very important things are to use cuticle oil every night and to choose a professional product for removing nail polish.

Genetics! Two of my nieces have the same type of nails that I do. We all have long nail beds and a similar propensity towards growing our nails long.

Have you ever had acrylics?
I've never worn acrylics or gels. I have nothing against well maintained enhancements. Unfortunately, I can't give advice on them other than ideas for designs and decoration.

Will you do comparison swatches?
At this time, I am unable to. I live in an urban area with no backyard space. I take most of my pictures in public parks while I am out running errands or on breaks from work. If I did comparison swatches, I would be wearing that look for the day.

Will you swatch an entire collection in one post?
Not at this time. The only space I have for outside picture taking is public. I wouldn't want to submit other city dwellers, be they human or furry, to the scent of polish and acetone based remover when they are trying to enjoy Nature.

How do you choose which polishes to feature?
I review seasonal collections from various companies. I also have untried polishes from core lines of product, past seasons, hard to find and discontinued colors. I try to focus on newer polishes. When collections are released, it's normal for me to be reviewing a few at once.

I tend to choose colors by what inspires a manicure idea, rather than reaching for my favorite of the group. If there is a shade from a collection I am reviewing that is a priority for you to see, please e-mail me and I will do my best to place it close to the front of the queue. In the left hand side bar, I post a weekly update about what lines I will be showing.

If I win one of your contests, is it okay to enter the next one?
Absolutely! If Lady Luck is on your side, who I am to say you can't win more than one contest? It hasn't happened yet, but there have been times certain entrants have been very close to winning a second time. I would certainly honor that.

I haven't seen you do you do tags recently. Are you interested in being tagged?
I tried participating in tags when I first started blogging. I found that I don't have the time to devote to it I would like. I do look at tag posts on other blogs. I enjoy reading about other ladies' random facts and points of interest outside of nail polish and beauty. I created a formspring.me account so readers can ask me what they want to know. I have gotten some interesting questions so far! I am happy to share a little about my life, but tagging isn't the best way for me to do so.