PR Info/Contact

The focus of painted Lady fingers is primarily nail polish and nail art related. I also review beauty products such as eye shadows, liners, mascara, lipstick, gloss, foundation and concealer. Treatment products for hand, face and body are of interest for review.

I have a love of skin care products with natural or organic ingredients. My skin is dry, so moisturizers are especially welcome. I am a believer in products offering sun protection. I am happy to review fragrance, especially oils and solid perfume or lotions.

I will also review personal care electrics like epilators, shavers etc.

I host giveaways for my readers to offer them an opportunity to try new lines of product or seasonal collections. I prefer to do my own photography for giveaways in lieu of using stock photos. I require duplicate product (the same as offered to the winner) to photograph and review.

I am interested in reviewing full size product only. I do not wish to review eye shadow samples in plastic bags or tiny scoops placed in large containers. I will not consider sample sizes of any product for giveaways. I review full size product and offer my readers full size product. All products sent for review need to be packaged as to be photo ready. I do all of my own photography for the site. I do not use stock photos.

I will not do reviews of any self tanning or tanning products. I am always happy to review sunscreen.

I dislike most citrus fragrances for personal use and do not wish to have them sent to me for review.

If you are interested in having your product reviewed or sponsoring a giveaway at painted Lady fingers, contact Diana at berkana[at]fastmail[dot]fm. I appreciate your interest and consideration. Thanks so much!