Monday, August 16, 2010

Flower crown

Hello ladies,

I was imagining flower crowns when I was creating this manicure. I love the idea of the wreaths of flowers women would wear in their hair for celebrations such as weddings and dances. I have been reading the book Kristin Lavrandsdatter by Sigrid Undset and have been steeped in customs of long ago.

Beginning with Nubar Vino as the base, I chose a French tip design from fauxnad plate H28. I alternated the placement of the stamping so the flowers and leaves would move organically across my nails. I used Konad white special polish, accented by tiny silver beads from Bundle Monster.

Vino was opaque in two coats and easy to apply. I wanted to show this manicure on Saturday, but the sun wasn't cooperative. I took the photos late this afternoon. Vino has incredible longevity. I am truly impressed with how fresh and glossy this manicure appears two days after painting.

Vino was sent to me for review. This shade is part of the Nubar Venetian Glass Collection, available for purchase at

Image plate was provided for my consideration. For the full line of nail art stamping plates, please visit

Happy painting, ladies!


  1. Great design! I love flower wreaths.

  2. Skulda: Thanks so much, sweetie. I actually have a couple flower wreaths with silk flowers. <3

  3. Gorgeous Color & Design! Thanks for sharing

  4. 1xellus1: So glad you like how it turned out! Thanks! <3

  5. Hydrangea! These are very beautiful flowers, we have some bushes... I love them.
    I love how you used this design and your idea at all. Looks gorgeous!


  6. That looks absolutely beautiful. A real "me" shade and a perfect Konad.

    I am haviong serious nail envy at the moment. I am no longer your nail twin - I have nails that are still long, a far as the average person is concerned, but not as long and lovely as yours. Mine just keep breaking. I think I need to reconsider my choice of base coat after many years.
    Are you having much success with any particular treatment at the moment? I miss my length!

  7. Aww, I do love this Vino and the white konad which could have not worked, contrasted beautifully with the wine red! :)

  8. This is gorgeous!Vino is such a rich,luxurious colour.

    What do you think of Kristin Lavrandsdatter? I've wanted to read it for some time now but I always seem to talk myself out of it.

  9. Daria: I always look forward to the Hydrangea flowers. They are so lacy and delicate. Thanks for the compliments on the manicure too. :)

    Helen: Vino is really worth picking up. It's one of the prettiest wine shades I own.

    I am sorry your nails are giving you trouble. I hope I can help. I use CND Stickey (the older formula with chemicals) and CND Air Dry (the newer big 3 free formula). I much prefer the brush in the large ball shaped size. I use Diamont topcoat with all my Nubar polishes. I also think this nighttime hand cream I use makes a difference in keeping my nails flexible against breakage: Best of luck, sweetie! We will be nail twins again soon!

    Joan: Thanks so much, Joan! I love experimenting with color combinations. I do like white stamping with certain shades of red and burgundy. The pairing seems to work best for me with delicate patterns.

    Pink Ginger: Thank you! I am so glad you like the look!

    I recommend the translation by Tiina Nunnally. The prose is really clear and fluid in this version. I have read in reviews that other translations are a little forced. I am only 100 pages in, but I find the novel beautiful. If you like descriptions of Nature and richly explored characters, it's worth the time to read. <3

  10. Beautiful polish! And gorgeous flowers.

  11. wow look at the hortensias :)

    lovely polish color!!

  12. I guess pink hydrangeas are my favourite...And sure the creamy ones!
    Oh, by the way (sorry for spaming here about it), did you get my e-mail? :)

  13. I love this mani,just like I love most all your manis.It seems like your nails look longer every time you post. I sometimes peek in from my mobile device which doesn't allow me to comment.Last nite I showed my husband your nails,and told him " I want my nails to be that long."(So I can do these fantastic NOTD's you do.) He says "No you don't, it's too complicated." I am working on it!

  14. What cute design, I love the Nubar colour as well.

    Thanks for adding me to your blogroll...I really appreciate it! =)

  15. The pink flower next to your manicure accentuates both the flower's colors and the nails. The wreath stamp just falls into place with that color. I love it! :D

  16. this is really elegant and it looks great after two days.

  17. Love the shade of Vino! I just received this last week. I also ordered the Nail Prisms Collection. Those are really fantastic looking. Love this gorgeous shade and the flower wreath stamp.


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