Saturday, October 30, 2010

Fire witch

Hello ladies,

This Halloween, a Fire Witch takes flight. If you see a sunset that flickers orange and gold, it may have been created by the whisking of her broom as she traversed the sky.

I began with Nubar Orange Crush. In black Konad special polish, I stamped the flying witch from image plate T29. I placed an orange Moon overhead. On the lower portion of my nail, I painted a thin coat of Nubar Tiara to add some sparks to the fire.

Mookaite crystal skull.
A Bengal cat.
I was taking photos in Rittenhouse Square and I felt a familiar tap at my ankle. I looked down to see this Bengal cat communing for my affection. His owner was walking him on a leash and a harness. He pulled in my direction. The kitty decided to jump up next to me for admiration, compliments and a modeling opportunity. He sat for a spell.

Orange Crush has a gorgeous pearl finish. I painted three coats for opacity. There is an appearance of brushstrokes that fades after top coat has been applied. This shade looks peachy when wet and then becomes fully orange and aglow after a layer of topcoat. This is one of my favorite orange polishes!

Tiara is a wonderful glitter topping. It's useful when trying to work around a design because the formula is on the thick side. A thin coat plus some light dabbing for touch ups will provide an even layer of sparkle that's easy to place with accuracy.

Orange Crush is from the California Dreamin' Collection. Tiara can be found with the Royal Gems Collection. These polishes were sent for review. Both shades can be purchased at
Image plate T29 was provided for my consideration. To view the full line of nail art stamping plates, please stop by

Happy painting, ladies, and happy Halloween!


  1. I absolutely love the manicure! And that cat is gorgeous!

  2. Those nails are fabulous! And the cat is gorgeous!

  3. OMG, this cat is gorgeous! Where in the world do you find all these animals?!

  4. oh, no!
    another halloween design?
    it's gorgeous!

  5. this is soo hallowen nails!! i love witch plate hehe :D

  6. Your cat is absolutely beautiful. Ever since I discovered them, I've wanted a bengal cat!

  7. perfect Halloween manicure and what a gorgeous kitty
    happy halloween

  8. Awwh I looked after a Bengal kitty recently! She was really weird and hyper XD

    Love the glitter tips <3

  9. Beautiful nails! Creative design, very pretty. LOVE Bengals!!!

  10. I love this mani, perfect for Halloween!!! And the Bengal cat is just gorgeous <3

  11. I love this nail look. It is so awesome. The Bengal cat is so fierce.

  12. Happy Halloween...Your nails and pictures are amazing.....Love the orange nails and the design....very into the season.....Keep it up....

  13. Love this manicure! Your Halloween manicures are my favorites. The cat is absolutely beautiful.

  14. I surprisingly like this mani! It's very different to the manis I usually like, but then again I like looking at this mani more than I would probably like it on my own nails. I really like what Tiara did to the orange, really gave it a lift!

    Now you've made me want to paint my nails with the shimmery orange I have... d'oh, running out of remover! (Yes, how embarrassing, no true nail nerd would have that happen to them.)


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